Quest for Peace

There can be no permanent solution or peace between the two when Mr. “truth” and Mr. “yes” are not found among the leaders

As being committed my life to the service of God and humanity, in a developing world, I must exercise the faith in God for the well being of both the people of India and Nagaland. Like anybody, I would also like to enjoy the pleasure of this world and live long. But I am not called to live like that. I am called to do God’s will. I am not worried about anything; I am not fearing any man, because there is no fear in love. With the love of God and with the goodwill of men there can be peace even without “Peace agreement”. True peace is not merely the absence of tension, but the presence of “JUSTICE”. The unjust cannot make the real place, solution and unity. The true leaders should not allow the prevalence of perpetuating politics. We must pursue peaceful ends through justice means.

The world knows very well that policies are very good when they are our guides but bad when they become our chains. Today it has become very difficult to detect what is original and what is duplicate, or what is right and what is wrong. So also what is flesh and what is spirit. But thank God, there is nothing impossible for the people of God to detect and understand issues and situations.

Now, with the divine inspiration of God, I want to put forward the following direct points to both the people of India and Nagaland towards a permanent peace and solution:

1. If we assume that life is worth living and that man has right to freedom, then we find an alternative to double standard of politics. Let us understand that we can’t reach good ends through evil means, because the means represent the seed and the end represent the tree.

2. Govt. of India as well as the Nagaland State Govt. must shift the race of destroying the Self determination (freedom) of a people (under the cover of ceasefire agreement) into a real peaceful race of settlement. If we have the will and determination to work such a peace offensive, we will unlock hitherto the sealed doors of hope and bring new light into the dark chambers of pessimism.

3. The leaders of India and Nagaland must also understand that the physical casualties of undeclared war between the two are not alone the catastrophes. The Casualties of principles and values are equally disastrous and injurious. They are ultimately more harmful because they are perpetuating. If the casualties of principle are not healed, the physical casualties will continue to mount.

4. “Ceasefire agreement” cannot be reconciled with wisdom and love. Even the great nations like India that continues war year after year to spend more money and military reinforcement to destroy a people’s right to freedom than on programmes of social integrity and upliftment approaching its downfall.

5. Before we (Nagas) raise our voices against the injustice and atrocities meted out to Nagaland by India, Nagas must first put their house (homeland) in order.

6. In fact, India caused unbearable pains and loss on Nagas but Jesus Christ suffered and shed blood both for the people of India and Nagaland.

7. India should ask forgiveness from Nagaland for their oppression, discrimination and humiliation meted out to the Nagas.
8. Nagas (believers of Jesus Christ) should leave India before God.

9. Nagas should ask God to deliver India from its sins of genocides meted out to the Nagas.

10. Nagas should now prepare to make Nagaland the pride of India and a Paradise to the whole world.

11. Nagas should ask God to use them to take the Gospel to the whole of India (not to make believe Christianity but to produce many people of God in India).

12. There is every possibility for the people of God and the lovers/followers of Gandhian philosophies to make India the “Peace and Brotherhood center of the world” (Not only to make one of the supper powers).

13. Both the people of India and Nagaland must ask God to help understand the proclamation of “Nagaland for Christ”.

14. Both the people of India and Nagaland must understand that the evil is very clever but very weak, very coward, because Jesus cast him out.

15. People of God have the authority from God to rebuke the devil.

16. Satan doesn’t respect or fear your status, position, your party/gang, your pistol, your “AK-47”, your what-not sophisticated deadly weapons, even preparations for “Star Wars”, your strong armies, your sharpest sword – because they are all satan’s properties.

17. Satan only fears the Holy Spirit in you.

18. Satan gives your wants but God supplies your needs.

19. Satan fears the natural calamities but God causes and controls it.

20. Satan kills but God saves.

21. Nagaland may not be such a big State to India but they (Nagas) are a great and strong people under God for India and the whole world.

22. It is not easy to love those who oppressed and discriminate us but Nagas must love India with supernatural love. Because supernatural love (that is, God’s love) wins and conquers.

23. Let India make Nagaland for India so that Nagaland will make India a helping nation to the weaker nations of the world.
24. Let us have more love for the people than the love of the land.

25. Let us not make any more “Peace or Reconciliation Committee” or “Equi-closeness” or “Equi-distance” or “Open door policy” or “Peace Zones” or “Ground rules” or “Ceasefire agreements”. But let us humble ourselves before God and ask God for sending a “Revival Earth Quake” to both India and Nagaland.

It is time for all people of conscience to return to the true home of Brotherhood and peaceful pursuits. Those of us who love peace must organize self sacrifices as effective as lips-peace talks. We must teach, preach and demonstrate Civil Rights with the peace movements. We must work unceasingly to lift our people that we love to a higher destiny, to a plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humanness.

Everybody wants to be honest in their mission. And to be honest is to confront the truth. However unpleasant and inconvenient the truth may be, we must expose it and face it if we are to achieve a better quality of life.

“Our Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, I pray, you will make the people of both India and Nagaland understand and obey your divine message through your servant.”

In the service of God and humanity.

Inno Imti John