‘Recognition is the crux of the matter’

My Dear Fellow Nagas,

This is Oking calling! On this auspicious occasion of attaining 73 stupendous years of official Naga Independence, I offer unqualified gratitude to God, Jehovah-Nissi, the One who fights for us. I also most solemnly salute all the patriots of this righteous struggle, both the living and more so the martyrs and related deaths.

All of 73 matured years ago; on 14 August, 1947, one day ahead of India, the Nagas under the far-sighted able leadership of the NNC, officially declared our eternal Independent status for all the World to know, note and reckon with, most overtly evident.

Dear fellow Nagas, I most earnestly entreat you to lend me your undivided attention yet again at this sacred moment. That there is absolutely is no logic whatsoever, to be asking for “independence” from India whom we had overtaken in the race by officially declaring ours ahead by one full day of 24 hours, not to speak of those nanoseconds in such hotly contested  races. The biological (read political) fact of “birthing” can never be denied then, now or any other time under heaven; here, there or anywhere else for that matter.

 Why, then the protracted confrontation with India, armed and otherwise? Well, Recognition is the crux of the matter. We had all these times been ceaselessly striving  to prevail upon India to please lucidly acknowledge the inalienable rights of the Nagas and live peacefully as respectable neighbours. But instead, she chose to most atrociously do her demoniac best in opposing our God-given rights to the evil intent of nullifying them altogether. So the bitter confrontation continues well into the enlightened (?) world of the 21st century; what a crying shame.

To refresh everybody’s memory: From 1946 – 1956 the Nagas pursued the righteous “non-violence, non-cooperation; democratic and peaceful” path in putting across the Naga Rights to her.

But since India had (has!) absolutely no rights and grounds to argue and negotiate with us; she most maliciously resorted to the barbaric policy of ‘might is right’; deploying and employing her brute bestial armed might on us with the sinister aim to savagely bully us into submission; furthering her nefarious intent all the more by actualizing the most draconian act of invasion. Being thus irrevocably compelled, the Nagas were necessitated to set up, on March 22, 1956, the Federal Republic Government of Nagaland (FGN) and started and never stopped to confront her till date, 2020.

Who in his right senses would have even imagined, much less believed that such an insignificant Nation, even more negligible than “a statistical error”(cf Nation of Israel); would be able to prevail in battle against  the giant of a Nation, India, mighty both in power and number, for all of these many years?! God Almighty alone in His great love, enabled us to cling on most perilously yet tenaciously from surrendering our profound eternal rights to the monstrous nation of India; for the magnificent deed of which I bestow all glory and honour to the miracle working Omnipotent God of History. 

Yours faithfully, the NNC President also extends my most sincere gratitude to all the numberless children of the Soil who have had given their very best to and for this Cause: both the death as well as the living.

We have triumphed over India most convincingly in the peaceful chapter and even more so in the physical warfare arena. This is our greatest achievement.

Unleashing her exceedingly great might and power, India is apparently most effective in  rendering us not being able to move on nor able to raise our voices; giving the false outward impression of  being made haplessly helpless, fast-fettered and soundly silenced. But belying all such delusional speculations, Nagas have had actually won the moral and ethical victories in all their totality.

There is no telling as to how much longer the stalemate would drag on. If it is to be much more delayed, the Nagas would continue to suffer indignation and deprivation that much longer. But her political stand and credibility would improve and increase exponentially; whereas India’s fate would continue to weaken and deteriorate at alarming rates, actual downward spiral; mark my word.

Nagas have become an obstinate stumbling block, a yawning pitfall and a fatal snare for India both in the proverbial as well as in actual physical setting, in all likelihood.

Until, but more so, unless India acknowledges and admits the truth, the conflict would never be amicably resolved. What then is that truth? That Nagas are not Indians and could never become so, God forbid. Nagas are different and she would most surely continue to be an Independent, Sovereign Nation – that’s the gospel truth divine. The sooner India concedes to this truth the more bearable her fate. Would she set the Nagas free and save her Nation or continue in her parochial arrogance and reap the inevitable ignominious loss for her Nation? Look at the weird moss-covered ball in her court!!

One profound truth for fellow Nagas: The Eternal God Jehovah in ages past had once pronounced unto His confidant Zerubbabel, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, saith the Lord of hosts (Zechariah 4:6); this same axiom is being repeated to the Nagas of today. Therefore my beloved brethren, let us truthfully confess our sins and shortcomings to God the Merciful; repent from our wicked ways and turn to Him, seeking His Face for grace without delay. Nagas shall most certainly emerge victorious eventually. Let us therefore not lose heart but instead be most eagerly awaiting the blessed Day – oh dawn on us even as we pray!

Thank you all. KUKNALIM

74th Naga I-Day Message by Gen (Retd) Thinoselie M Keyho, President NNC