Reconciliation for Peace or Pieces

Naga society has been hearing the echo in our hills and vales for Peace, unity and reconciliation for many years between especially between NSCN. Today these words have become hotchpotch because the national leaders quote so accurately, as well pronounce so well. It has become a hackneyed word because it is beautiful to hear but today it is diminishing by the receptor about its real meaning. These leaders uttered peace but many are living in the island of their own ego. Our national leaders from different camp have to set up their priorities right. They have to labor and construct a garden filled with varieties of flower like love, patience, understanding, peace & integrity in their private life. To bring healing to our emotional wounds. We have to experience and let it overflows from our personal life to some one next to us. Unless we have some certain qualities. Trust is far away from People and National leaders. Leaders who stand for peace must have peace in their core of their heart. We must probe deeper in order to discover new dimensions in self.

The Inner being 
The inner souls have to be scrutinized carefully before they embark to be people’s representatives. We have to ask self before we question others and before we lecture others. Self discovery will reap good harvest if we are willing to disturb our comfortable zone to future zone.  Self discovery is a mirror to self. Any leaders or persons who have their inner costly Jewels like love, peace, and harmony will offer other out of their abundances; these inner costly Jewels cannot be duplicated by money, power or by any antithesis forces. These kinds of persons can offer other and nation what is their best. National leaders have to listen to other counsel as well to listen their inner voices. Does it condemn them or not? Costly qualities can develop by people who have discipline in their inner life. We better discipline self before we embark the journey of peace. Leaders who have cheaper inner quantities like hatred, division, killing and all sources of evils. If they stand and echo for peace, those inner cheap quantities they posses will mock at them. In reality it is not peace but pieces …. Pieces! 

The outside Atmosphere
Those who offer only corpse to family after families and funeral after funerals. Can you still say that it’s from the deep well of sweet water or bitter?  Can it be from a source of peace or source of hatred?  We cannot drink water which is bitter for long. Naga creation of storm is too cruel and many family are been wiped away.  Many of these national leaders have all the inferiors and cheap quantities in their personal life. These leaders are offering to million of Naga people their own objectives and decision for thousand and thousand days. Younger generations are looking upon leaders who will rise and give us hope. If we see in other nations what their leaders are offering to their fellow people. They are sacrificing their lives for their people however; here they are sacrificing others to do their will. Here many of them give us only blood, bullet, bully, belittle and bemoan etc. Leaders who are not discipline cannot bring discipline in social, economic, and political arenas’.  Discipline person is able to train up others as well respect the being of other. Here in our land they give us nothing but, Bang! Bang! Bang! Is there any peace in this nation or not? How many president, prime minister and kilonsers do we have today?  

Leaders who want to talk about peace reconciliation must not think we are okay, others are not. They must come to our camp not us. It is not reconciliation but re-diversion. Reconciliation transcends about conditions.. Reconciliation is higher than faction. It is also perhaps not to say ‘come to our side because we are strong.’ It is about an alternative camp where Naga people’s will is sealed. It is where people freely exchange views and opinions. It is where younger generation’s will is taken into consideration, where future has strong foundation and where Naga people from East, West, North and South come together, hold hands in circle and pray, remembering one another. It is reconciliation where younger generation’s mind set is focus  upon but not our faction, our ideology .Naga younger generation wants to take a bold step….give us a space to. If not, we will become a hewer of wood and drawers of water for other nations.

Nagaland for Christ banner is not bad, too beautiful to hear. However, it is not found in the Bible .It is not above the bible. Under this banner, we kill! Is it Biblical or anti-Biblical? Unless we have the spirit of Christ we do not belong to Christ. Which Christ are you talking about? Which Christ have we accepted? Which spirit are we talking about it? Taking Christ name, we cannot use God’s name in vain. We can quote any banner but to fulfill God’s agendas. Not to full fill our evil schemes. We can be political but we cannot politicize Christ. All of us today we have to confess our personal sin and corporate sin before the Lord .If we truly have the forgiveness of Christ, we will even forgive others. We can remember the pain others have inflicted upon us. But the other side is that we will not have the sting for revenge in Christ. So that reconciliation from our inner being can form in slow and steady process. We must be willing to open the book of reconciliation from Genesis to Revelation one day at a time, learning the alphabet of Hope. Are we willing to reconcile to self and to other? 

Naga issues have been internationalized Internationalized minus proper home .atmosphere needs our time and energy to work more in greater zeal. Net working should begin at home. Today we are too busy and there is lots of noise, we failed to hear what other are saying in their inner souls.   Today we must construct our land in to a home where people from other nations will be amazed by our zeal for our motherland not a zeal for faction supremacy. Others are amazed by our barbaric act today. The world may not grumble and talk when you are near by but other nations are talking about our foolish acts. No doubt internationalized is important but reconciliation among us is more important. Our story begins from here not out some where.  Our success, our struggle begins here in our own territory. Our story begins where our people lives. We can write our history from here not from other nations. The story of forgiveness and hope can start if we are willing today. We want to share our story of tears to outsider but not willing to sit together and sort out here at home as family. Today we have to turn to another new page. We must begin here from our soil. If we want to echoes’ reconciliation, unity & peace. Today national leaders have to be willing to vacate their chairs because we cannot have many president or prime minister or kilonsers. We need only one president, one prime minister.  We must be willing to become humble for the sake of this nation.  We can work for this nation even without any designation or rank. If not the word reconciliation is another beautiful word but not in reality. We must begin   our story with one perspective and one heart if not there are many wolves already in our midst. National leaders have to begin their story of reconciliation from their heart. If we have a story to tell to others about our struggle it has to be one if not if there are many stories from one family it will bring confusion to our self and even to those who are listening to us.

H. Apise 
Purana Bazar, Dimapur