Rejoinder to ‘LVSU appeals to CDPO Sanis’

In reply to what President L.V.S.U. Shri. N. Mhabemo Mozhui, report to Nagaland Post which is dated on 09-10-05 (Sunday Issue). I would like to clarify my position clear through this rejoinder to all the readers particularly to Longtsung Village Students Union and Old Age Pensioners of Longtsung Village. 

That when I first joined as C.D.P.O. Sanis, I have received lots of complaints pertaining to O.A.P. and other financial assistance under Social Welfare Department. On enquiry I was made to understand that in certain cases the authorized persons were untraceable and in some cases, the amount drawn from D.W.Os office were not given in full.

Therefore, in order to maintain transparency, accountability and sanctity of the department and above all to safeguard the benefits of the poor people, I had requested the District Welfare Officer, Wokha not to entertain any such authorization letter without authentication from me.

One fine morning, accordingly, Chumremo Mozhui of Longtsung Village, the present Chairman of Sanis Town brought the authorization letter  for drawal of Old Age Pension against Longtsung Village along with the payment books of the beneficiaries. Since, he is well known person not only to me but to the people of the area in question and in good faith as well as having full justification of bringing the payment book with him, I have authenticated the authorized letter. 

To make my position clearer, I have spoken to the Village Chairman about the case few months back maybe one week after the drawal.

However, I appreciate the L.V.S.U. for projecting such news items protecting the interest and benefits of the public. While doing so, I would also like to suggest to L.V.S.U. to educate the poor and Old age beneficiaries never to trust unreliable persona to avoid such misconception in future. And also in future without ascertaining the actual position which ought to be amicably settled within ourselves but just directly going to the press is uncalled for which sometime tends to hurt the sentiments of others.

C.D.P.O. Sanis