Religion: A Cult of Perspective

Odibendang A Jamir
Modern College 

As humans, we believe in an entity of our faith- a supernatural being beyond our imagination. We proceed to devote ourselves to this entity from conception till death in order to receive 'His' deliverance. 

But is that what this is all about? The answer lies here- a devotion you commit yourself to merely to attain deliverance after death because death is certain but the life beyond death isn't and it's the fear of that uncertainty that makes us devote ourselves to a religion.

You go living a life where you have blindly devoted yourself to faith without comprehending why you are doing it. You go as far as believing in it because someone has told you to believe in it. You don't question their words because you consider it a sin to go against them. 

You fail to recognise that what they state or preach is mostly according to their point of view and not the way it was meant to be understood. You cling to a belief or faith without understanding the true essence of it and go on creating a false appearance of it with your perspective without truly considering if it is right or wrong. All you do is focus on just one side of the picture to reassure yourself and ignore the reality.

We are all like fools in a queue, accepting and believing what is fed to us, whether right or wrong because we fail to understand the truth behind our own beliefs. The world is full of people with their cults who put faith before them but believe what they want to and force it over the rest. 

Even in Nagaland, most of us are born into Christian families and we are taught what to believe in ever since we can remember. Our morals and beliefs are moulded by the faith our families believe in and theirs by the morals and beliefs their own families believed in. And so the cycle goes on. But does it make you a Christian? Is being born into a Christian family enough to be a real Christian? How sure are you that they are teaching the right beliefs and not just some personal interpretation? 

Do you believe in your religion because you were born into it or because you are told to believe in it? Or are you in a cult of perspective?