Revelations From The Spirit Of The Lord That Hinders Naga Sovereignty And Some Other Revelations

Human point of views that hinders Naga Sovereignty:-

1. Most of the Naga people (public) blame Factions and National Workers that till they unite, it is not possible to expect Bright Future, as if they are only one who hinders the Naga Sovereignty. 

2. Some people criticize, some factions, because of their wicked deeds, to their own fellows and make them as their enemy, as if it is only their sins that hinders Nagas Bright Future.    

3. Some people are passing judgment on those who are in Transit Peace Camp, Kohima counting them making an obstacle to Nagas Bright Future.

4. Most of the educated people say, “We deserve not to get Naga Sovereignty due to lack of material sources to manage,” etc. They say, based on human point of views, as far as worldly kingdom is concerned, I admit.

Divine point of views that hinders Naga Sovereignty:-

Which I have been mentioned above, they are not the only one who hinders Naga Sovereignty. Let us not accuse them by leaving a side our own transgressions because God is blaming and accusing all Naga people with these Bible references. 

1. Matt.6:33 = But we seek first Naga Sovereignty and worldly pleasures to gratify our  flesh desires.

2. Matt.10:28  = We fail to fear who can destroy both our mortal life as well as spiritual life, but fear more who only can destroy our mortal life

3. Matt.22:37 = We love more worldly matters rather than our Lord, so we failed to love  Him with our whole being.

4. I Pet.5: 8 = Fail to resist spiritual enemies (Eph.6:10ff.) rather we make friendship with spiritual enemies.

5. I Cor.3:16,17 =Because we ruined our mortal life, which God defined as the Temple of  God with various sins. The spirit of the Lord says, “We make ourselves Friendship with the world, so we have become the enemy of God,” Jas. 4:4. So he will pour out His Wrath on those disobedience people, so from Jas. 5:5 says, they have fatten themselves for the slaughter day of death, because they have been living on earth with luxurious life and self-indulgence, but his faithful one shall be his remnant who would see and live in Nagas Bright Future. 

6. The spirit of the Lord says, “Nagas are so eager to get Nagas Bright Future, but fail to life to live in it.” So he prolongs more the time. 

Some revelations to guide day to day’s life:-

1. Revelations are given several times to his believers, that if we meditate the word of God daily, our Bright Future is drawing closer to us.

2. Meditating the word of God daily and praying without ceasing make us spiritual    warrior. 

3. Meditating the word of God everyday promotes spiritual qualification.

4. Meditating the word of God daily getting regular salary i.e. increasing inner joy.

5. Praying sincerely daily is like step, stepping, closer to our Bright Future. 

We have been waiting so anxiously Naga Sovereignty, so we are making known our supplication to him, but he response with these two Bible verses  Is.48:9; II Pet.3:9,15, because of which he told us to pray feverishly without ceasing. But since, the rebellious and disobedient people would sift away with His Wrath and the remnant shall be very few, because of which revelation is given that he prolongs the days. The spirit revealed, to choose long way or shot way. 

1. Long way = Proceeding through the long way will be late to get Nagas Bright Future (we may not face much his severe wrath.)

2. Short way = Proceeding through the short cut (steeply way) would face bitterness or severe wrath of God, but would get soon Nagas Bright Future.

To me which one to choose, still in dilemma. To choose short way, but it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, as it is written in Heb.10:31. Who would bear? Because it was revealed that there might be many carcasses, Is. 66:16,24.    
Naga people who overlooked our humiliation, better experiences; heinous action from our persecutors, but living luxuriously with self-indulgence shall have no share in Bright Future of the Nagas prophesied by some people, because they have no concern on their fellow Friends, they even may parish before the bright future of the Nagas. So the spirit is telling us to pray sincerely and work for our people Is. 62:6,7.

Except few people, most of the church workers, clergymen, and believers ignore much reg.- this N. Sovereignty. They said, this is the responsibility of politicians and national workers, but the lord regards this, that this is not like other nations as worldly kingdom, because he initiates in this, it is as a matter of fact that this Naga Sovereignty is heavenly politics or the lord’s politics, because of which the spirit said; “It is believers’ responsibility to work out, because of which he revealed Is. 62:6,7, from time to time, but believers regard this as worldly politics forbid us to speak in church, but this politic is unique. The Lord said that, if we Nagas put Bible in the centre of our lives we would achieve it in time, it will be through his word only. Therefore he said from Zakaria 4:6, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit.” Therefore, lest we cause regret let us consider this and work hard failing which would ensure to encounter his judgment.

Some Revelation for Nagas’ Bright Future.

1. To those who eager to get Nagas bright future, it is revealing from time to time that those are undergoing various trials and temptations, making us worthy to reach and live there, under the process of refining their faith I Pet. 1:6,7.

2.  Inspite of all various trials and temptations, who would be patient would get many blessings.

3. Those who are facing more hardship, difficulties and narrowed down their lives with humility would receive more blessings.

4.  It was revealed in a dramatic way that, those who are facing hardest trials, hardships various times, but remained in patient to live in N. Sovereignty are comparing to boiling various times, (5,6 or 6,7 times) are to be a great man in N. bright future.

5.  Naga National Workers (any) who really love Naga and working faithfully with selfless motives are counting as heavenly army (His Army), and it was revealed that even public who really loves our people in deeds also counted as Naga Army (His Army).

6. Those (believers) who would live in Nagas’ bright future are giving training and playing to get award (Dispute something and winning one will be a great man), because of which encountering more hardships and trials.

7. Therefore the spirit of the Lord says, “Do not seek promotion before man, but seek promotion before God.”

8. Those who have the gifts of prophecy and revelation from God also undergoing training, and it was revealed that some were fallen under trials and temptations.

9.  It was revealed that prayer is like step, pray fervently without ceasing and wavering is stepping, which is closer to our bright future.

Many people never expect to get N. Sovereignty, during their lifetime, it seems no hope at all for them, but it is revealing several times that we are sure to get, sooner or later, unless he is revealing in a parable way, that, another bright future for Naga people is there. It is hopeful to get during our lives’ time. So we should trust God and pray fervently to get very soon. Let us prepare our spiritual life and pray. Let us not hinder this bright future in our way of living any more. Let not his wrath destroy us. There might be many obstacles, to get N. Sovereignty as far as worldly kingdom is concerned, but the Lord initiates in this, and he is going to be the Lord over it, as of now, Matt.19:26;15. 55:8.So let us put our trust fully in Him. He will act for us, I Pet. 5:6,7.

Prayer Items:-

1. The spirit is telling us to pray for missionaries and believers in India, “May the Lord’s zeal burden, love, power, be their zeal, burden, strengthen and empower them, and let India become a new country and a country of our lover.

2. “May the Lord forgive the sins of our people and bring bright day and awaken us, raise us from death and brighten this dark age.”

3. Though he pour out his wrath on us, may the rescue people or saved people be more then perished people as we are living in the ocean of Gospel, Heb. 12:1.

4. “May God help our people to escape from the slave of money. Many of Naga people are becoming Iskariot Judas, Anania and Saphira.
In response to criticism of prophecies and revelations:-

Whenever we give revelations, whether it please or displease any group/ party/ faction, or any individual. We must obey God , rather than man, when we are sure that was from God; but the people criticize us as we favour to one if it displeased any, and some  people commend that we shouldn’t tell which revelation displeased them, but reveal which revelation pleased them, as if we uttered out from our own, II Pet.1:19-21.

Some people criticize that there is no unity among  Shisha group or no unity among prayer cell and requesting us to maintain unity among us; till we have unity, they are in confusion to believe which is from God and which is from False prophecy; but as the Bible I Jn.4:1 says, “Test the spirit/man whether they are from God, or from evil/own, Matt.7:15,16. All are not from God, so it is not so simply possible for us to unite, in cf. II Cor.16:15. Some people listen and exaggerate, miss out of carelessness, but if we exaggerate and miss a little cause great mistake.

Therefore, the one who gives revelations should be careful too, must audible. And listeners also should be careful not to exaggerate or miss out, whether it pleased you or displeased you, lost He judges us if it is from God. Some people rush in judging the one who gives revelations, but should we judge before God? Lk. 6:37; Rom. 14:4; Judg. 6:31,32. and the people reproach them whenever they encountered some misfortune, as if you are sure that he/she is misusing spiritual gifts or misinterpreting the revelations. For such people will be judged again sooner or later, Rom. 2:1-3 says; we know not why such misfortune befalls on him/her, only Omniscient knows; because of some other thing, he might have been brought to such trialor Temptations. So let us refrain ourselves from passing judgment on others.