Road map to Naga integration

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article ‘Road map to Naga integration’ written by Ao Yemen Chang carried in your news daily October 4 issue. It was well written piece giving a voice for many Nagas as well as for the advancing tribes of Nagaland.

My husband and I had the pleasure to share a dinner at our home with Rev. Ben Chan, Director for East Asia & India, American Baptist Churches, USA, along with few of our Naga friends. Our conversation was very much the same to what the writer just expressed in his article. 

If we look at the 2001 census the population of Tuensang District is the highest in Nagaland. But when you look at the development and employment, it is sinking at the bottom. 

People of Tuensang have to travel eight to ten hours even to get a simple medical test like an x-ray. They don’t even have a functioning hospital in Tuensang for a simple health care need. 

I feel that the Nagaland Government as well as NBCC has greatly neglected the needs of the Tuensang people. 

How can Tuensang District be open to the outside world unless the government and NBCC take the risk and challenges by bringing development and sponsoring future leaders? 

It will always remain remote if it is continually shut down without giving any development and accessibility. 

The Government, NBCC and other NGOs shouldn’t be afraid to invest in Tuensang District. If the development are concentrated only in an accessible areas, how can the other districts that the Government and NBCC termed as remote be developed and made accessible? It will always remain remote and under developed. 

The people of Tuensang District should demand for the development, employment, scholarship etc. that they are entitled as are given to the other advanced Nagas in other districts. You shouldn’t be a silent observer letting all opportunities and privileges go right before your eyes. 

You cannot afford to be left behind anymore. Time is precious. 

A. Chang Olivo
California, USA