SARDP-NE: 2 Lane SDPOA urges action against alleged scam

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 3 (MExN): Aggrieved landowners of the 2 Lane SARDP-NE Chakhabama-Zunheboto Road have reiterated their demand for action against alleged “corruption” to the tune of Rs 22.18 Crore with regard to land compensation. 

A press release from the media cell of the 2 Lane Sedzu-Dzulha Aggrieved Property Owners Association (2 Lane SDPOA) cited the events concerning the project and the subsequent land compensation issue. Citing RTI replies, the association had earlier said that it has unveiled “corruption to the tune Rs. 22.18 Crores approximately.” 

It alleged that this amount was “enlisted into the beneficiary list” where “properties were either bogus/non-existent or not under Right of Way.” Despite this revelation, the association stated that the government and the district administration have remained mute till today.

It reminded how the association first stumbled upon the beneficiary list in 2018, the anomalies in the subsequent verification drives and how “eligible beneficiaries were made to sign a readymade affidavit and a strictly self viewed signatures appended in the beneficiary list. The association informed that it filed another RTI on April 24, 2019 and “discovered much more bogus beneficiaries.” 

It further said that while appeals were made to the Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) for intervention on the issue, “this appeal didn’t receive much attention.” The association said that many property owners despite receiving only partial compensation were “blackmailed on many occasions, accusing them of receiving the full compensation.” 

It further claimed that during the Lokayukta investigation on September 29, 2020, “village leaders confessed at a gathering in the presence of Investigation Officer and CPO officials at Chetheba Town Community Hall that bogus money (aptly called development funds for towns/villages) was drawn with approval of the former Deputy Commissioner, Phek and the agreement with the CPO.” 

It questioned what the government was doing with regard to this. 

The association demanded adequate and full compensation of the properties assessed for damage under the ROW as per existing government approved rates. It also demanded inclusion of all eligible uncompensated properties assessed for damage. 

It also called for review and enhancement of all undervalued properties according to government approved rates. Another demand was to review over-compensated properties. The association stated that due to “excessive bogus compensation,” there is no more fund to compensate the genuine uncompensated properties. 

The association meanwhile said that its executive and members are being “thoroughly harassed and maligned.” It further lamented that “third party has been employed to maim justice seekers.” Further the association said that there is no clash of interest with the Maytas-Gayatri Damaged Victim Association (MGDVA) “but instead both organizations are complimentary to each other.”

It further dispelled rumours that the association is hampering road construction. The association however added that the landowners are concerned about the poor quality of the ongoing road construction, alleging that the construction company is using “highly questionable low grade materials.”

It meanwhile cautioned that if any individual or group creates obstruction which would lead to deprivation of compensation, “it would be treated as a direct challenge and infringement of our fundamental rights.”