Should UGs influence Indian election & civil bodies?

The question of whether undergrounds should have an indirect say in the Indian elections and influence the civil bodies is a hot debate in the underground (UG) and overground set ups where there are underground movements. There is a school of thought that, the UGs should keep aloof from the Indian elections as untouchables as their aims and principles are to be detached from the Indian union. Then, there is a school of thought that, they influence political parties and candidates who can further their aims and objectives in times of extreme needs. Yet, there is another opinion that, the people should be forbidden to participate in the Indian elections. 

The above conceptions are disregard offensives of the Indian nation and are applicable in different situations and circumstances. The UG movement politics is the toughest of politics as there are no exact set of rules and regulations as against the day to day normal functioning of the legislative judiciary and executive wings of the overground governments. But even here, there are breakdowns, loopholes, collision and revolts from among the three wings.

The underground politics is a tough one, where the leaders have to oversee that the cadres are in the right track, that their moral and spirit are high and ready to go to any extent on command. They have to give a piece of their mind how to influence the civil bodies and intellectuals so that, their line of thinking, actions are understood and had feedbacks. Interaction and understanding beginning with the lowest strata of the society which are, the villages, range of villages, tribes and the apex civil bodies and student organizations are the paramount needs. These are most needed than ever before in this peace process time and interactions are being scheduled in the case of the Naga undergrounds from time to time.

Without the above agenda, the civil societies and the underground leaders will speak in different tunes, voices and different interpretation and the world around, who are expected to know the cause of the conflicts, follow the day to day happenings leading to inhuman bloodsheds and suffering will be confused and does not support the struggle.In this moments of ceasefire and peace process between the Naga freedom fighters and the government of India (GOI) persons having familiarity with the peace process be elected as MPs, MLAs and MDCs (Member District Council) and work hand in hand with the NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) who are initiating dialogue with the GOI.It has been said again and again that, the Naga issue would have been settled decades back, but for the non co-operation of the overground politicians. How far this is true is for the people to judge.

K Ramfu
Bachelors Colony, Senapati

Siiramai Kouna
Bachelors Colony, Senapati