Domestic Violence

  • Shatter the Silence: Campaign to end 'shadow pandemic' of gender-based violence in Nagaland
    Veroli Zhimo Dimapur | November 28 2020 has revealed that one of the many far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increase in violence against women—a concern that was shared by the National Commission for Women in October when it revealed that domestic violence complaints have increased by 2.5 times since the nationwide lockdown began in India. This alarming increase  has even earned the moniker 'the shadow pandemic.' In Nagaland, an online
  • Domestic violence in Nagaland: Societal pressure, stigma hold back victims from seeking help
    15% women have experienced domestic violence. ‘Even men can be victims of domestic violence’   Morung Express News Kohima | November 18 At least 15% of women in Nagaland have experienced physical or sexual violence, while 2% of pregnant women have experienced physical violence during one or more of their pregnancies, according to the National Family Health Survey (4th series). The survey also revealed that the most common perpetrator of violence for e
  • Twitter tackles violent upsurge against women in lockdown
    KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation): Twitter has launched a new prompt to fight gender-based violence in response to a surge in sexual assaults and domestic attacks during lockdown, a company official said on Wednesday.   The social network said the feature, currently available in 11 countries, directs users to local helpline services if they search for terms such as "domestic violence" or "sexual assault".   "This is the fi
  • Panic button to help women in distress developed
    VARANASI, JUNE 3 (IANS): The panic button, devised by an electronics and communication engineer, is set to play an important role in tackling domestic violence. On being pressed, it would alert the police or people nearby about violence.   Developed by young scientist Anjali Srivastava, the device uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.   Anjali, who has made several such tools, told IANS one to five emergency panic buttons could be added to it. "It
  • Mexico walks back campaign against domestic violence after backlash
    MEXICO CITY, May 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation): A top Mexican official on Wednesday said a new campaign against domestic violence would be revised after the video ads sparked strong public opposition from critics who claimed it misrepresented the growing problem.   The initial campaign showed images of men and children, but no women, as potential victims, and one woman was shown as an aggressor, sparking criticism from activists and opposition politicians who said fem
  • Domestic violence on rise as COVID-19 keeps people at home: Study
    New York, May 28 (IANS) Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers have found an increase in the incidence of domestic violence reports in two US cities, Los Angeles and Indianapolis since stay-at-home orders were put into effect.   So far, many countries have reported an increase in domestic violence.   The study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Criminal Justice, predicts that the incidence should gradually decrease as people return to normal routines,