• Kenyan Museum, Mau Mau fighter shed light on British colonial abuses
    NAIROBI, July 9 (Reuters): Nearing 100, Gitu Wa Kahengeri clearly remembers the day when, as a prisoner of Kenya's colonial occupier Britain, he wanted to die.   "I was beaten the whole day until I did not feel pain any longer," he said, of one episode of abuse during the seven years he spent in the camps that the British ran in the decade before Kenyan independence in 1963.   The camps, where tens of thousands are thought to have died, are a tr
  • Swarms of locusts devastate parts of northern Kenya
    TURKANA, Kenya, June 30 (Reuters): The branches on trees around Kenya's northern town of Lodwar have been stripped bare of leaves, bending downwards under the weight of voracious young locusts.   Numbers of locusts exploded in East Africa and the Red Sea region in late 2019, exacerbated by atypical weather patterns amplified by climate change. Swarms of insects flew west from Yemen, and this year reached Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.   The new generation h
  • 'On our knees': Kenya's tourism revenue collapses
    NAIROBI, June 29 (Reuters): Kenya has lost 80 billion shillings ($752 million) so far in tourism revenue, about half of last year's total, due to the coronavirus crisis, its tourism minister said on Monday.   The sector is one of the leading sources of foreign exchange, earning 163.56 billion shillings ($1.54 billion) last year, which had been expected to grow 1% in 2020.   Tourism Minister Najib Balala said things would get worse before they can improve.