Saad al-Hariri

  • Lebanese Christian cleric to Hariri: avoid 'secret deals' in forming cabinet
    BEIRUT, October 25 (Reuters): Lebanon's top Christian cleric urged Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri on Sunday to avoid back-door deals and to quickly form a new government that will start lifting the country out of financial crisis. Veteran Sunni politician Hariri was named premier for a fourth time on Thursday, a year after huge protests against the ruling elite pushed him to quit. Hariri promised a cabinet of specialists to enact reforms set out in a French plan
  • Hariri named as Lebanon's new prime minister
    BEIRUT, October 22 (Reuters): Lebanon's President Michel Aoun designated Sunni Muslim politician Saad al-Hariri as prime minister on Thursday to form a new government to tackle the worst crisis since the country's 1975-1990 civil war. Hariri won the backing of a majority of parliamentarians in consultations with Aoun. He faces major challenges to navigate Lebanon's power-sharing politics and agree a cabinet, which must then address a mounting list of woes: a banking
  • Lebanon's Hariri on course to be named PM
    BEIRUT, October 22 (Reuters): Lebanon's former premier Saad al-Hariri appeared on course to be nominated for a fourth term as prime minister on Thursday and try to form a new government to tackle the country's deepest crisis since its 1975-1990 civil war. Hariri needs to win the most support from parliamentarians who were holding a series of meetings with President Michel Aoun, after weeks of political wrangling that has delayed agreement on a new government. If nomi