• Vatican police carry out new raid over suspected corruption
    VATICAN CITY, June 30 (Reuters): Vatican police on Tuesday raided the department in charge of maintenance and restoration at St. Peter's Basilica, seizing documents and computers for an investigation into suspected corruption.   The raid was similar to one last October that involved another investigation into a separate department over the purchase of a building in a posh area of London.   A statement from the Vatican press office said the material was se
  • Vatican urges Catholics to drop investments in fossil fuels, arms
    VATICAN CITY, June 18 (Reuters): The Vatican urged Catholics on Thursday to disinvest from the armaments and fossil fuel industries and to closely monitor companies in sectors such as mining to check if they are damaging the environment.   The calls were contained in a 225-page manual for church leaders and workers to mark the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis' landmark encyclical "Laudato Si" (Praised Be) on the need to protect nature, life and defenceles
  • Don't celebrate victory over coronavirus too soon, Pope tells Italians
    VATICAN CITY, June 7 (Reuters): Pope Francis on Sunday warned Italians to not let their guard down against coronavirus now that infection rates have fallen and urged them to obey government rules on social distancing and wearing masks.   Francis, addressing several hundred people in St. Peter's Square for his Sunday blessing, reacted to applause that broke out when he said their presence, albeit reduced, was a sign that Italy had overcome the acute phase of the pand
  • Pope urges U.S reconciliation, condemns racism and street violence
    VATICAN CITY, June 3 (Reuters): Pope Francis called for national reconciliation in the United States on Wednesday, saying that while racism is intolerable, the street violence that has broken out is "self-destructive and self-defeating".   Francis broke his silence on the tensions in the United States, which has seen eight nights of protests over the death of a black man in police custody, by dedicating the entire English-language section of his weekly audienc
  • Pope makes anti-corruption spending rules mandatory in Vatican
    VATICAN CITY, June 1 (Reuters): Pope Francis has approved sweeping new rules for procurement and spending in the Vatican meant to cut costs, ensure transparent competition and reduce the risk of corruption in awarding contracts.   An Apostolic Letter and 30 pages of new norms released on Monday are the culmination of a four-year process to rationalise spending procedures and tackle nepotism and cronyism.   They come as the coronavirus pandemic has wreake
  • People more important than the economy, pope says about Covid crisis
    VATICAN CITY, May 31 (Reuters): Pope Francis said on Sunday that people are more important than the economy, as countries decide how quickly to reopen their countries from coronavirus lockdowns.   Francis made his comments, departing from a prepared script, at the first noon address from his window overlooking St. Peter's Square in three months as Italy's lockdown drew to an end.   "Healing people, not saving (money) to help the economy (is important)