tEA conducts capacity building training on climate change

Participants of capacity building training on climate change at Kapamodzii Peak.

PHEK, JUNE 15 (MExN): Understanding the global climate crisis and observable changes in Nagaland’s temperatures and a need to foster public awareness and action, the Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) organized a two-day ‘Organisation capacity building training on climate change’  from June 14-15 at Kapamodzü Peak in Phek district.

20 participants from Kohima, Phek and Pfustero Branches joined the programme.

Led by Research and Development (R&D) Wing of tEA, this training programme aim to equip staff from Phek and Pfustero branches with the necessary knowledge and skills to raise awareness about climate change within the communities they work with.

Introductory session was taken by Tenunukshi Longchar, R&D Lead at tEA, followed by Climate Change session by Tewekha Mero, R&D Associate.

Tongtimenla Jamir, R&D Associate conducted a session on ‘Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action.’

She explained SDG 13 and its interconnections with other SDGs, stressing the importance of climate crisis awareness among team members to effectively mobilize the communities they serve.

The second day commenced with a session on ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’ by Moaakum Imsong, R&D Associate, who shared multiple approaches for farmers to adopt climate-smart agriculture practices.

Session on ‘Community Climate Action’ was taken by Neikule Doulo, Executive Director of tEA, who provided insights and set the strategies in place, to prepare the team for mobilizing communities to address the climate crisis.

The training concluded with team activities and a review session by Tenunukshi.

Since 2000, tEA has been promoting and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in the North East Region of India.

Its projects, such as Sustainable Agriculture through Farmers Producers Organisations (FPO), tree plantation through Trees for Wealth (TfW), Sustainable Livelihood and raising micro-nurseries through Uplifting Women Street Vendors Program (UWSVP) has been facilitating income generation and employment while addressing, adapting and mitigating climate crisis.