The political acumen of the Chief Minister

Thepfulhouvi Solo

Not in my wildest dream did I foresee the Opposition Congress unite with the DAN Members of Nagaland to smile together in front Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh in great camaraderie under the adroit Leadership of Mr. Neiphi Rio, Chief Minister of Nagaland. 

Not in my latest imagination did I foresee, the CM could forge an impossible combination of: the Congress, the DAN Members, great character like stubbornly conservative Shrürhozelie, intelligently difficult K.L. Chishi, heavy native S.I. Jamir, great political player congressman Imkong and ENPO Chingwang, in Oneness of Purpose to support Thuingaleng Muivah, the supremo of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland now turned Nagalim; lock, stock & barrel.  

Perhaps a combination of situations in Nagaland –the impatience at the seemingly interminable pace of Peace Negotiation, the probability of the action affecting the coming Assembly Election in Nagaland, the deep seated fear of the barrel of the Gun and the Fund availability, may have facilitated it but whether one likes it or not, it indicates great political managerial skill in the young Chief Minister. To mold a bunch of impossible Naga politicians into a united Idea, in such so short a time, is indeed an indication of great political managerial skill even for a rich Man. 

Nagaland has always been saying: “any solution of the Indo-Naga Political Problem should be brought about by the majority consent of the Naga Groups and the Government of India has always been saying so. The FNR has moved heaven and earth to bring the Groups to Oneness of the Nagas. 

How can then the Elected Members of the Nagaland Assembly; lock, stock & barrel, support only one Group –the NSCN (IM) alone? 

It is alright if the Legislators pressure the Prime Minister or Home Minister Chidambaram to settle the Naga Issue in their current Tenure of Office. But for the whole of Nagaland Assembly to support one particular Naga National Group to the extent of being prepared to vacate their seat en mass to facilitate Muivah and Isaac come to Power rings unbelievable to the ear and boggles the mind. 

Let me open the Pages so that Nagas may read the Naga Book:

The Action of the Legislators do not appear to be in consonant with the desire of the majority of their grass-root Electors. They appear like a Church without Faith in the Spirit.  

Nagas today no longer appear to have a political aspiration; the search for wealth seems to have replaced the search for Naga political aspiration of 1929 or of 1951 or of the Unique history of the Nagas. Most of the Callings of the so-called Naga National Group today, on Scanning appears rushing for crorepati of Bronze metal only, not Bronze Medal, or of Silver Medal or of Gold Medal! The search for wealth more often by hook if not by crook has become a current culture free for all.   

The Naga Hoho appears to have no independent Soul of its own, it has simply become a gray extension of the thought of the State and very often the mouth piece of this or that Naga National Groups. 

About the Tribe Hohos, the less said is the better; like Father: like Son, it is an exact carbon Copy of the popular Thought of the State. It is not known how the Non-Naga Citizens of Nagaland are feeling, personally I would not be surprised if they shudder at the thought!  

Nagas have always felt deep in their heart that the solution should be based on the democratic consent of the majority of the people, particularly of the people of Nagaland who set and blessed the political cornerstone of the Naga political aspiration. Without the consent and honor of the majority of the people living in the State of Nagaland, the Naga Political Issue cannot be brought to a satisfactory conclusion. The NNC is the only democratically mandated Naga Group and many a Naga feels deep inside the heart that without the inclusion of the NNC, “what is not possible in one hundred years is not possible today”. 

There are a confusing number of NNC Splinter Groups, they do not suit the issue. If Muivah had remained General Secretary of the NNC and had democratically eliminated his opponents, he would still be the leader of the legitimate NNC. But since he has formed a separate Organization with the help of the barrel of the Gun, both his gun and his Organization does not satisfy the Democratic game beat. 

It is unfortunate the State of Nagaland today is supporting only one Naga National Group. And having sworn to preserve the Constitution of India, they would have been more prudent if they remain aloof at Equidistant on the Issue.  Now that they appear to be on the side of a particular Group, their actions would have a domino effect on the various Hohos, NGOs and Civil Societies aping their support.  

May be, it was not the intention of the Legislators but often ‘action speaks louder’ and their latest action confounds many a Nagas.

It is time Electors in Nagaland voice their views boldly to their Elected Leaders and not just be taken for granted or used as dumb tool.