Trump and the Tramp’s Tale..!

It was early one morning the people of New York, some of them anyway heard the Statue of Liberty had been speaking to someone down below, the previous night. A drunk, who had made his home on the same island, told people next day, it was Trump, lovely Liberty had been speaking to.

“She was giggling,” said the tramp, though nobody believed him, “She said, I told you so, I told you so, and Trump, he just put his head down and moaned and groaned!”

“Trump, would do no such thing!” said some furious Republicans. “And why would the President of the United States have a conversation with a statue? You are lying!”

“No I’m not,” said the tramp with a distinct foul smelling hangover, “I heard him tell Liberty to exchange!”

“Exchange?” asked all the Republicans and other people anxiously.

“That Liberty could occupy the White House, while he would spend the rest of his years on the pedestal she’s standing on!”

This time the Republicans looked at each other with dismay, “That’s not exactly a very nice offer” they said, “It’s okay having him kept in yonder White House, where some see him, but right here, where the world comes by?”

They shook their heads, “It’s not like we would want to show him off to the world!” they pondered thoughtfully. “And maybe he’s the one mistake we all made, in electing him, “said another, “And the way he’s going about hugging the Virus, he might lose his job soon!”

“That’s exactly what he said,” said the drunk tramp, “he said, since the job mightn’t be his soon, he wanted a permanent place to hang around for his country, and this pedestal looked mighty fine!”

Finally, one of the passerby’s took the drunk by the collar, and asked him sternly, “So what was Liberty’s answer?” and there was silence as everybody waited breathlessly for the tramp to reply. Some even looked where the statue stood and shivered as they imagined Trump in Liberty’s place.

“She giggled!” said the drunk tramp finally, “and giggled, and then said, she preferred standing in her place and welcoming people to America, then sitting in the White House, building walls and laws to turn people away!”

There was a sigh of relief as everybody heard what the Statue had said. “Trumps may come and Trumps may go!” said a wise guy in the crowd, “But Liberty is what America is all about!”

Though nobody really believed the drunk tramp’s Trump tale..!

Robert Clements is a newspaper columnist and author. He blogs at and can be reached at


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