“Universities can not be dictated”

Morung Express News
Dimapur| December 28

“Nagaland’s proposal to set up a central university was like a dream market rather than that of a university,” president of NCSC (National Children Science Congress) Network, Professor Yashpal said today, referring to Nagaland University. The eminent professor was with the University Grants Commission (UGC) during the time Nagaland state sent the proposal for a central university. 

Addressing media persons at the ongoing 16th National Children’s Science Congress, the professor said the reason why Nagaland University is still lagging behind other central university is because of the lack of internal will. “You have to agitate and extract your need…or you will get nothing,” the professor said. He said a university must be given freedom to grow and rise and should not be controlled by “babus.” 

Professor Yashpal, a staunch critic of the present system of functioning of Indian universities said that the education system in India particularly at the university level must be revolutionized. Lamenting on the current state of education system, the professor said higher education in the country needs to be holistic and cross boundaries of discipline. 

“Universities cannot be dictated upon and the boundaries of universities should be universal,” the professor said. He expressed the need for children to be versed in all areas of their interest rather than be focused on one discipline. He said an open environment can enable students to explore their capabilities. Yashpal pointed out that a person’s career is made not with the amount he earns; rather, he said it depends on the extent to which he enjoys his work.   

With the mushrooming of management schools and IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) across India, Professor Yashpal came out strongly against private management and IT schools which are providing “horrible education”. He termed them as petty business propositions and not educational institutions. He also disapproved of the coaching school system.  Earlier during the day while interacting with school children at Delhi Public School (DPS), Dimapur, Professor Yashpal also advised teachers to never refuse questions posed by students by saying ‘it is out of syllabus’. Rather, he advised the teachers to learn from the questions.  

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam also interacted with children of DPS. The former president of India urged students to be compassionate and “help others even if it means changing their course of life.” He encouraged youths to work to iron out differences and work towards fostering harmony in the society.