War in the realm

Man has now the ability to create and destroy anything under the sun. Fictions in the past are now the reality of the unforeseen future. Environment has been degraded; society and administration are near to the edge of collapse. Leaders lead the leadings in their dictates and honor; one party rules and the other ruins; one party builds and the other baits. Generation has gone too far beyond the analysis of mankind

Students’ fights for their welfare; politician fights for power; poor people fights against poverty; rituals vis-à-vis spirituality. All generations, both young and old are been trapped in these superfluous realities. Students don’t want to study, teachers don’t want to teach, workers don’t want to work, etc., generation prefers the easy way out-The substitution of ‘HARD-WORK’ by ‘SHORT CUTS’ and getting money through honey-talks. Human values have gone down with the rise of money power. Immorality has become a daily diet and people are becoming immune to it.

Are we the victims of our own civilization? Somewhere something terribly has gone wrong. Sunday-Christians notion has capsized the two faiths i.e. believers and non-believers. The typical “Da Vinci Code” notion has embarked in the minds of thousands of people towards uncertain future. People feels their faith shaken, administration broken, human value been replace by money power.

The use of human caliber is exceptionally high with its result at par-excellence. At times we need to ponder about the realities of life on Earth. Technologies have gone too far but life has become too short. Now people hardly live a hundred years in spite of the advancement made in Science and technology, Medicine etc. Life is short; Make it sweet and meaningful.

Controversial themes are on the rise where many intellectuals spend their time and energy to make a foray into the arena of fame through it. Ideas can do wonders in the hands of the capable. The use of right ideas in the wrong channel could be dangerous. Philosophies after Philosophies, generation after generation, people seek for ideas. This does not mean that human fall short of ideas. It simply means that, human fails to implement the existing ideas in the right field.

Big guns, nuclear and chemical weapons???  These are another signs of nation’s power. Good for nation’s security but please don’t blast it. Another blast and the world are gone. There will be no generation left to through the third world war history. We need no more war histories. Give peace a chance.

Yan. Ezung