War of Merapani

 (Transcription from Tir Yimyim, August 08, 2007)

T. Nokpang Jamir

The battle between Assam and Nagaland Police during the last Merapani war ended with the victory of Nagaland Police but after losing some precious lives of Naga youth. The victory was owing to the God’s help and not only because of the courageous act of the Nagas. As the matter of fact, the Assam Police mocked God and told the Nagas with abusive words that “Let your so-called God save you”. 

Even in the past, like today Nagas were living carelessly. Assam Police started bringing Hume pipes in huge number of Trucks and had taken many months to erect bunkers and which later paved the way for the Merapani war. Naga people had taken miserable hardships and fought the battle running up and down in the open field. Having no option, we gathered and prayed to God in different places adjacent to the battle ground and waited anxiously in the wireless station throughout the day just to get a piece of information. Village Guards (VG) were compelled to come from Eastern Nagaland and more than 700 VG’s assembled at Tuensang. At that point of time, the wireless message came to the Nagaland Police stationed near the war zone stating, “ V.G’s are coming, fight relentlessly”. Assam Police intercepted this message, which understood as “UG” (underground) and they panicked and withdrew their force from the front line. This has paved the way for the Nagas to go forward and this was really a revelation of God’s love for the Nagas. When we learnt about the interception of Nagamese language by Assam Police, we could converse in Mongsen (Ao) and our savior God helped us thus far. On one occasion, we were surprised to see one DSP belonging to Ao tribe come to the Town collecting bullets and the public were amazed to realize the deplorable position of state Govt. and we had every right to speak ill of the Government primarily the Police Department. Fortunately, S.C. Jamir was the Chief Minister then and because of his sheer determination and courage, he stood fearlessly against all odds seemingly from the Central Govt. and that was the time both young and old took part in the war. During this war, many Lotha women had taken lot of pains and played a very major role. In the midst of war, Nagaland Police finished all ammunitions and there was every possibility to surrender in the hands of enemy, by coincidence Assam Police brought a Truckload of ammunitions, which was snatched away by Nagaland Police, and the battle could continue. Fortunately, the war came to an end when the V.G’s from Eastern Nagaland reached the war zone. 

Obviously, student’s organizations are bound to abide by the diktats, whims and fancies of whatever party ruled the state. In fact, it was informed that there will be no Road blockade from July 10th onwards but vehicles were damaged on July 11th, which was learnt later on. In the saying of Ao’s, “biting on top of the wrapping …” we have come to know about the activities of Assam Government under the cover of students, we should not allow Anaki village to fall in the hands of Assam Police. Now, one should know that the gun houses at Guwahati, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh are becoming empty. In the name of counter-insurgency and to protect the life of innocent people from unwanted elements, Assam Govt. have already issued more gun licenses to the public. In order to re-assert, read the past news papers where you will find that the Assam Police had acquired sophisticated Arms & ammunition from Govt. of India taking the advantage of counter-insurgency which are not allowed to be used by other Indian Para Military Force except Indian Armies. Time has come to keep alert before it is too late and most importantly to learn lesson from the past experiences because the loss would be immeasurable.

In conclusion, whatever I write has got evidence and written with clear understanding of the issues and therefore, I appeal to the Nagas in general and the Ao’s in particular to save the people from all forms of aggression during your lifetime.