What inspires one to donate blood?

A blood donation camp organised at the Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur, commemorating World Blood Donor Day, June 14. (Morung Photo)

A blood donation camp organised at the Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur, commemorating World Blood Donor Day, June 14. (Morung Photo)

Donate blood, save life, make a difference

World Blood Donor Day

Morung Express News 
Dimapur | June 14

“What makes me to donate blood? I donate blood because it is life, it is lifesaving,” commented Shambhalang Lyngdoh Marshiliang, a 20 year-old Catholic novice preparing to become a ‘Brother.’ 

According to him, countless people across the world struggle to get life-saving blood transfusion on account of insufficient medical facilities or financial constraints. “I encourage others to join me in this lifesaving endeavor, as together, we can make a difference and ensure that no one suffers unnecessarily due to a lack of blood,” he said. 

Marshiliang was one among voluntary donors, who donated blood at a donation camp, in the Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur, organised in collaboration with the Blood Bank, Dimapur District Hospital and Nagaland State Blood Transfusion Council on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day, June 14. Share Life, Give Blood is the theme for 2024.  

Donation camps ran simultaneously at the Unity College and Blood Bank. The camp at the Blood Bank was in collaboration with the Human Rights Help Association Nagaland. Dr Temsu Jamir, Consultant and Incharge of the Blood Bank, District Hospital, Dimapur, informed that frequent donors voluntarily turned up as well. 

In his keynote address at the Salesian College, Dr Jamir likened June 14 to a global celebration to honour the people who voluntarily donate blood “to save lives without expecting anything in return.” He described blood donors as enlightened, motivated and empathetic. 

While the day is generally marked by voluntary donation, he reminded that the greater objective has been to create wider awareness on the importance of blood donation and encouraging more people to come forward. “Save others life today, others will save you tomorrow,” he appealed. 

“Our dream is safe and ready blood waiting for patients from all parts of Nagaland and, maybe, even from beyond,” he said, adding that making available safe blood is everybody’s responsibility. According to him, everyone should participate and take ownership. He said that the Blood Bank is for anyone in need.

A total of 80 units were collected at the three donation camps, today. From January to May 31, 2024, the Blood Bank has recorded a collection of 3845 units. In 2023, the total collection was 15,803 units, the highest in a year to date. The sharp increase in 2023, relative to other years, was largely attributed to the unprecedented dengue outbreak. 

The collection in 2022 was 8797 units. Prior to this period, 2020 and 2021 were marked by reduced collection owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, when collection went below 5000 units in both years.