What, where & when? Common causes of road accidents in Nagaland

Morung Express News
Dimapur | October 22

Nearly two-thirds of road accidents during 2019 in Nagaland were caused by over-speeding and driving under the influence (DUI), designated as “Drunken Driving/ Consumption of alcohol & drug,” according to an annual report on accidents by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

The MoRTH’s ‘Road Accidents in India 2019,’ classification of accidents according to Type of ‘Traffic Violations’ informed that out of 358 accidents in Nagaland, 263 or 73.46 percent were caused by rash driving and DUI. 

Accordingly, there were 131 accidents due to over-speeding leading to the deaths of 12 persons and 113 injuries. 46.15 percent of total fatalities (26) in road accidents were caused by over-speeding in the state last year. 

132 accidents due to DUI also resulted in 7 fatalities (26.92 percent) and 89 injuries, the report said.   

Taken together, 73.08 percent road accident fatalities in Nagaland was caused by DUI and over-speeding. 

‘Driving on Wrong side’ was also the reasons for 82 accidents and ‘Use of Mobile Phone’ while driving also caused 13 road accidents. 

As per the classification on ‘Type of Accidents’, the most common was ‘Run Off Road’ with 88 cases, followed by Hit from Back – 77;  With Parked Vehicle – 47; Head on Collision – 37; Vehicle Overturn – 20;  Hit & Run – 19; and Fixed Object – 2, while 68 were designated as others. 

Most of the accidents were in urban settings with 230 as compared to 128 in rural areas.

235 road accidents occurred on National Highways, while there were 69 on State Highways. Both showed a declining trend. 

On the basis of road features, the MoRTH report revealed that as many as 112 accidents were caused by the ‘Ongoing Road Works/Under Construction’ leading to 9 deaths and 60 injuries. Pot holes on roads also resulted in 14 accidents. 

Meanwhile, the ‘Road Accidents as per the Time of occurrence’ section informed that maximum accidents in 2019 occurred between 6-9PM at 65 followed by 60 from 9PM-12AM. The third highest was prior to the highest from 3-6PM at 55.

Taken together, the period from 6PM-12AM caused a total of 125 or over one-third (34.92 percent) of the total road accidents in 2019. The correlation between this period and two leading causes of accidents -over-speeding and DUI, cannot be ruled out. 

‘Time of occurrence’ for the rest of the accidents were: 6-9AM: 31, 9-12Noon: 39, 12-3PM: 41, 12-3AM: 38; and 3-6AM: 29.

Road accidents decline by 16.17% in 2019

Dimapur, October 22 (MExN): Road accidents in Nagaland have been gradually reducing in the last two years and reduced by 16.17% in 2019, informed the annual road accident report of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). There were 358 reports of road accidents in Nagaland in 2019, denoting a decline of 72 in absolute terms from 430 in 2018, according to the report compiled by the Transport Research Wing of the Ministry. The highest number of accidents was seen in 2017 when there were 531 accidents.

Meanwhile, in 2019, the fatalities due to road accidents stood at 26 and there were 246 injuries. Both indices decreased from 39 and 335, respectively in 2018.