Will not allow execution of gas pipeline project without safety measures: WSH

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 17 (MExN): The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) on Tuesday said permission or endorsement for the execution of the North East Gas Grid Project (NEGG) by the Indradanush Gas Grid Limited (IGGL) will not be granted until a comprehensive safety measures and awareness programs are in place to ensure the well-being and security of the general public.

In a memo addressed to the IGGL General Manager, the WSH raised concern that the company has not yet provided a comprehensive safety awareness program to address the potential risks and hazards associated with the project. This raises serious concerns about the safety and security of the communities that will be affected by the implementation of the gas grid.

The WSH, therefore, asked the IGGL to develop and present a comprehensive safety awareness program that addresses all potential risks and hazards associated with the gas grid project. This program should include detailed information on emergency response protocols, safety measures during installation and operation, and regular awareness campaigns to educate the general public about gas-related safety precautions, it stated. 

It said the IGGL must effectively communicate and convince the general public about the safety measures they have implemented and how they plan to mitigate any potential risks. This should involve engagement with local communities, public meetings, and transparent dissemination of information regarding safety protocols, emergency contact numbers, and possible impacts of the gas grid. 

The IGGL must formally commit to ongoing monitoring, inspection, and maintenance of the gas grid infrastructure to ensure its safety and operational efficiency. This should include regular audits, inspections, and prompt rectification of any identified safety or operational issues, the WSH further conveyed. 

Maintaining that safety and well-being of the general public must always be paramount in any development project, the WSH said if the aforementioned demands are not met, it shall withhold permission for the execution of the NEGG Project by the IGGL under its jurisdiction.