World Mental Health Day observed in Nagaland

Participants of the World Mental Health day observance in Dimapur on October 10.

Participants of the World Mental Health day observance in Dimapur on October 10.

Mokokchung/Phek, October 10 (MExN): World Mental Health was observed in Dimapur, Mokokchung and Phek on October 10. 

The District Mental Health Programme observed World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2021 at DMHP, District Hospital Dimapur.

Psychiatric Nurse, DMHP, Dimapur, Mughatoli Zhimomi highlighted the growing inequalities which has direct impact on people’s mental health. She said that “we all have responsibilities to give equal importance to our mental health.” Zhimomi also highlighted the various factors that contribute to mental wellbeing.   

The programme was also attended by Dr Chikrozho Kezo, SPO, NMHP. He highlighted the various inequalities due to race, ethnicity, gender identity, lack of respect for human right including people with mental health issues.

Earlier, the programme was chaired by Allo; invocation was pronounced by Sister Godaliane, MoC, Notun Bosti; special appearance and presentation by Missionary of Charity, Notun Bosti and Prodigals’ Home and benediction by Rev Yhunglo Thong, Chaplain DH, Dimapur

In Mokochung, the programme was organized by District Mental Health Programme in collaboration with All Nagaland Counselors Assosiation (ANCA) Mokokchung and Child helpline Mokokchung on the theme ‘Mental Health in an unequal world.’

A press release from the Chief Medical Officer's office, Mokokchung stated that, on the occasion Sashant Pratap Singh, ADC Mokokchung exhorted the participants that there are certain misconceptions in regard to mental health. He elaborated by saying that mental illness does not consider gender, economic status or age group, anyone and everyone is at risk. He stated that the observance of the day will help to clear all the prevailing misconceptions.

Temsuyanger, Nodal Officer, DMHP Mokokchung addressed the participants based on the objective of the programme & theme of the day. He brought to light that there is inequality when it comes to availing psychological health services as well as less people are aware of the necessity of a sound mental health. He urged the participants for collective participation to extract the un-equality that exist, for matters in relation to mental health as well as matters of the world, that, each individual should be an educator based on what is learnt during the observance of the day.

Merenchila Imchen, Counselling Psychologist, Childline and Alemrenla, Counselling Psychologist & Educator, ANCA, educated the participants on ‘Mental health within home environment’ and ‘Mental Health in the workplace’ respectively.

Matters in regard to maintaining healthy relationship at home by practicing clarity in communication within the family, avoiding miscommunication and the resultant stress and poor mental health arising out of conflicting thoughts and perspectives at workplace were put forth before the participants. They pointed out key points on identifying one’s mental health condition as well as encouraged meditation, counseling and healthy physical activity in order to flush out stress and unhealthy emotions to maintain a healthy mind.

In Phek, the observation was jointly organised by the District Mental Health Program, District Hospital, Phek and Phek District Legal Services Authority at Police Baptist Church DEF.

The main objectives of the observance are to sensitize priorities and raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

The resource persons were Sekhotso Rokha, Advocate PL, PDLSA and Nikou Koza, Clinical Mental Health Program DH, Phek. Sekhotso informed the participants the objectives of NALSA and the various fundamental rights and entitlements available for people with mental health issues. 

Nikou Koza emphasized that because of stigma and discrimination, proper treatment and timely medication are not given to people suffering from mental health disorders, which affects them in their education, creates problems in the family and hampers their contribution to society. She also talked on the importance of seeking timely treatment.