‘The world still needs him’

‘The world still needs him’
‘The world still needs him’

India team praying for Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias (third from left)  during one of the meets. (File Photo)


Nagaland praying for Ravi Zacharias as he battles very rare cancer 

Vishü Rita Krocha
Kohima | May 12

World renowned Christian Apologist, Ravi Zacharias has touched thousands of lives around the world and has also hugely impacted the lives of the Christian-majority state of Nagaland with many people looking up to him as the real defender of the Christian faith.  

“Although he is a global public figure, he never leaves the individual person behind. Anyone who has met him even for a few minutes will vouch that when he’s with you, he is fully there – generous with his time, gracious with his words, and gentle with his touch,” says Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa.

Talking about Zacharias’ impact and influence over him as an individual, Kevichusa, who is a speaker and trainer with RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) proclaims that “he makes me want to be a better man – a sharper thinker, a better communicator, a nobler soul, and a more winsome evangelist.”

He was first introduced to Ravi Zacharias’s work through his book titled, “A Shattered Visage” from a hostel warden while at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur. He recalls that, “I did not understand anything. But ever since that time, I have been a great fan of the man, devouring his audio messages and books – and also imitating him.” 

Kevichusa precisely remembers their first handshake during the conference of evangelists in Amsterdam in the year 2000. “You can imagine how I felt,” he expresses.

Over the years, having come to know him personally, Kevichusa states that, he has come to respect and admire “Uncle Ravi” (as he fondly calls him), more than ever.

“He has given himself to the service of the world. He has been through a lot. He is currently in a lot of pain, staring down the barrel of cancer,” Kevichusa states while requesting believers to whisper a prayer for him.

Ravi Zacharias was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer in early March this year. In an update, his daughter, Sarah Davis had informed that the tumor in her father’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, but the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened, and that, medically speaking, they have done all that they can.

Many Nagas including fans, alumni of RZIM, church leaders, people who look up to him, and others are praying for Ravi Zacharias, who has clearly been an inspiration and a blessing to them.

Musician Alobo Naga, who pursued a certificate course in Christian Apologetics at RZIM Chennai earlier this year expresses, “we have been praying for him” while stating his firm belief that many Nagas are praying for him. “He is a gem; he is like the Christian Scientist for me.”

Stating that he had the privilege to open for Zacharias at Kolkata last year, Alobo says, he was star struck to finally meet somebody he had been looking up to. He firmly believes that Ravi has many fans in Nagaland including scholars, theologians, and himself while declaring that, “I can proudly say that I have all his books in my library.”

I Lithrongla Sangtam, who worked fulltime with Union of Evangelical Students of India, Nagaland for 9 years, and also pursued the certificate course in Christian Apologetics earlier this year, affirms that “Ravi Zacharias has made us think differently in terms of our faith— that conviction why I believe what I believe and not just blind faith.”

“I don’t think there will be another Ravi who can really defend the Christian faith with reasoning and proof,” she strongly maintains and goes on to add that, “I cannot imagine losing him. Miracle is what we are expecting from God. The world still needs him.”

In introspection, Tejdor Tiewso, also of RZIM says “as I look at brother Ravi's life, I cannot help but say that it is truly 'a life well and beautifully lived'”. “He is my hero, a giant in the faith and an example”, he adds while highlighting how Zacharias has touched and shaped his life at a deeply personal level.

Stating that it is an honour and privilege for him to serve under his leadership and mentorship, Tiewso says, “even as we pray for God's comfort and strength upon all of us and the Zacharias family, we also pray that God will enable us to move on with a renewed vision and to carry on our founder's vision of reaching out to others with the message of salvation, hope and compassion.”

“May God be with brother Ravi, with Margie and the family, and with the whole team of RZIM as we go through this present journey knowing that He is our 'God with us' always, even to the end of time,” he puts across.