WSH frustrated by slow pace of 4th Mile to Niuland roadwork

DIMAPUR, JULY 13 (MExN): The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) has expressed frustration at the ongoing road work that spans 21.89 kilometers from 4th Mile to Niuland which hasn't been completed despite passing the allotted time frame. The work started last year in April but has not yet been completed even after more than a year has passed, a press release from the WSH stated. 

It informed that on July 13, the WSH held a joint meeting with the contractor's representative, firm representatives, Executive Engineer - PWD Department, Administration and Ato Area GBs. 

A press release from the WSH said that the Executive Engineer gave the group a briefing on the project's precise specification. He reportedly informed that although the contractor had been granted an extension of time and a bill amount of Rs 16 crores out of Rs 24.38 crores had already been released, the construction was not progressing as expected. Additionally, he stated that the PWD Chief Engineer's office will no longer accept Extensions of Time, and that, the work should be finished by the end of August 2023.

The Ato Area GBs meanwhile expressed concern at the poor quality of workmanship and delayed pace. They said that dust pollution created by the incomplete road works is causing health problems. They claimed that despite providing the contractor with all their services and cooperation, the “contractor frequently only provided them with empty promises.”

The WSH meanwhile assigned the Ato Area GBs to oversee the construction work and report to the WSH regarding any subsequent lapses on the part of the firm. Finally, it was decided that the WSH would ask the government for additional necessary measures in this regard and will take its own appropriate action if the project in question was not completed on time.