33% reservation for women

33% reservation for women is very much needed where the girl child and women folks are discriminated and there is prejudice against them. It is clearly found that in some Muslim countries and in Hindu dominated states the extremists they prejudice and discriminate the girl child and women folks, even up to the extent of not sending them to schools etc. In such countries or states such reservations are badly needed so that the women folks can voice and safeguard themselves. But in a Christian State or country, such reservation is not needed. Why? Because in Christian religion men and women are equal in the eyes of God, more over God does not allow prejudice and discrimination against women or in any form of such. That is why Nagaland being a Christian State, we the women folks enjoy equality with men folks, rather the men folks treat us as Princess and Queens of their heart. In Nagaland, we go for talents and qualification. One does not see whether one is man or woman but shows according to talents, qualification and achievement of such person. Our men folks are most happy and willing for qualified women folks to participate and stand for election both in Municipal and in General Election, and work together hand in hand for the glory of God and upliftment of the state and the country. 33% reservation for women, though it is not needed in Nagaland, it is found that our respected council have shown courtesy and accepted our Indian Constitutional directions for such, why because it is for the goodness of the women folks in general.


Toshirenla Ao
Former Miss Nagaland
National Awardee Social Works