Skills & education

What should education truly be? This question, as tired and old as it might seem, is a running theme that is being harped on (either intentionally or not) by leaders of the state structure. Does employability take precedence over other vital aspects of education?   Almost every new report regarding any facet of Nagaland state’s […]

Daring but Deficient

The Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio launched the CM’s Dashboard in Kohima on August 13 with the objective of ensuring proper “monitoring of all government schemes with transparency and accountability in one single frame.”   CM’s Dashboard has become a trend in recent years after it was first implemented by Andhra Pradesh in 2015 as […]

The crisis in our education

Witoubou Newmai When today’s every occasion or happening is being channelized by vested interests our society must go back to what is already considered as the clichéd topic i.e. the real values and purposes of education. Though it sounds raking up irrelevant details our society must consider for one more time that the elixir to […]

The Push for ‘One Nation, One Poll’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir For some months now, the issue of holding simultaneous elections across the country has attracted considerable debates where a stakeholder discussion called for the ‘One Nation, One Poll’ proposal by the Law Commission of India. In this strain, the recent letter by the National BJP President Amit Shah to Law Commission calling […]

Making science simpler does not help

Imlisanen Jamir Science on the internet can be an incredibly mesmerizing and contradictory thing. Is coffee good or bad for you? Do opposites really attract? Should you stretch before running?   Depending on where you look on the web, there are different answers. Almost all of us these days are influenced, consciously or not, by […]

Health & Wellness in Nagaland

On August 9, the State’s Department of Health and Family Welfare launched Health & Wellness Centres (HWCs) programme under Ayushman Bharat at Urban Primary Health Centre Seikhazou, Kohima.   An optimistic Nagaland’s Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Pangnyu Phom noted during the launching that the Government of India had envisaged upgrading all the 1.5 […]

Govt must act on influx issue

Witoubou Newmai The reverie of ‘authorities’ in the State of Nagaland on home issues has been broken by the exercise of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, leaving over 40 lakh people ‘state-less’ for now. In their knee-jerk response driven by an emotional impulse, these ‘authorities’ have woken up, not really sure of how […]

Migration and Movement

Aheli Moitra While the heated topic of discussion at the moment is the influx of migrants into the North East region, let us bring focus on the indigenous peoples of the North East who migrate out of the region for education, scholarship, jobs, matrimonial alliances, mission work or other reasons.   Each year, August 9 […]

Tension between Culture and Religion

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir Recently, a baby sanctification and certification programme initiated by Women Ministry of a certain Church in Nagaland created a huge debate on social media. A point under the nota bene becomes the center of controversy. The point, roughly translated, reads, “Adopted, surrogate babies and the likes will not be given certificates.” Instantaneously, […]

The deep deep roots of backdoor appointments

Imlisanen Jamir One of the most noteworthy petitions that sought to fight against the practice of backdoor appointments in the Nagaland State government was disposed of last week.   While the disposal of the case on the grounds of it not being “maintainable” did not discredit the merit of the case, the ruling appeared to […]

A wakeup call

Nagaland is experiencing an ‘unprecedented’ crisis due to incessant rains in recent times. The Chief Secretary called it an ‘emergency-like’ situation while the Governor and the Chief Minister sent SOS to Centre seeking immediate intervention. The scale and severity of the present monsoon-related incidents is one of the gravest, the state has experienced yet. The […]

Go beyond knee-jerk responses

Witoubou Newmai It is said that progress often fails to escape from any conscious society.   In our society, in want of long term policies and consistency, everything becomes melodramatic. Plans or policies are often seen spread over the planners’ desk in times of landslides and floods, or say, whenever any other calamity befalls us, […]

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