Politics in Nagaland: It’s bad!

Imlisanen Jamir   How did we get to this point? Never mind, that was rhetorical.   People are expected to be firm believers in the democratic process, whereby the collective wisdom of the people’s will, ultimately, results in right being victorious.   But current trends in Nagaland State politics make us wonder. What is going […]

Modus operandi of Nagaland’s politics

The state of affairs in Nagaland is languishing at its lowest point. However, being the land of endless possibilities, Nagaland has now hit an abyss of hopelessness with the latest crisis in the political arena. The political leaders remain unapologetic and are busy planning their next move. Changing sides in politics is as old as […]

Time for voters to assess the squabbling politicians

Witoubou Newmai Once, the Naga People’s Front (NPF) was imbued with strong Naga national fervor. However, with recurring political pandemonium including the latest crisis, the ‘banalisation’ of the party is in full swing.   Initially, for the Naga electorate, the Cock party was more than just a mere political party – a strong proponent of […]

Dreams of peace

Aheli Moitra   Once the paper had been presented and discussion followed, Rev. Dr. Wati Aier stood up to speak. But what he did was sing. The Convener of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation broke into a Japanese song, or one that came to be known as a Japanese song to Naga people who grew […]

Political Risks

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   Life has always been at risk. The technological advancements have brought so much of comfort and made life easier but it has also increased human risks both mental and physical, often not even knowing the coming risks until one is confronted by it. And looking at the various kinds of risks […]

This holiday, be responsible!

Imlisanen Jamir   The holiday season is upon us again, and with the roads of the state, especially in Dimapur and Kohima, for once (and for a brief moment) permitting relatively smooth driving, ‘tis also the season where tragedies traditionally strike.   Criminal sanctions, awareness campaigns and frequent cautionary tales of accidents and deaths have […]

Political exigencies

Naga politicians never cease to surprise and they have the knack for playing their intrigue political game in winter. The latest episode in the never-ending saga of Naga People’s Front (NPF)’s political drama was the resignation of the Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Neiphiu Rio as the President of the NPF camp he was heading […]

An ethical society?

Witoubou Newmai Does our society say it is time we start writing an obituary on belief of an ethical society? Does our society also say it is time we start writing an obituary on the notion that ‘Character-building and nation-building go together’? Or, do we, altogether, say that there were never such beliefs in our […]

I call her darling; She call me dustbin

Aheli Moitra   Why Methaneilie rocks   As the chill set in on December 1, Naga legend, Methaneilie Solo Jütakhrie, set up his four-member band at the Dimapur District Sports Complex (DDSC). He was seated in the middle of the stage when it lit up. White suit, white shoes and a white guitar with three […]

Of Resistance and Activism

Asangba Tzüdir During the protests against holding ULB elections earlier this year, leaving aside the rationale of the protest, participation from the masses, whether forced or willing, was intense, and precious lives were lost. Conversely, the current situation of corruption, crumbling infrastructure and rolling blackout have hijacked normal life and reduced it to a bare […]

Giving new meaning

Imkong Walling It is interesting how language evolve. Words become obsolete; vocabularies get coined, gradually becoming part of everyday parlance. Blame it on an inclination for political correctness or wanton distortion of word meanings for no apparent reason; words which were erstwhile uttered without much ado are today considered improper, insensitive or have found place […]

Time to respect child rights

“Juvenile justice fractures as child ‘falls from height’” goes the headline of The Morung Express after a contentious episode involving a child in Wokha Town in October. Despite varying versions, it was established that laid down procedure were not followed by different stakeholders and juvenile justice was violated.   Most recently, when the Nagaland Board […]

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