The status of ‘Tripartite Talks’

Witoubou Newmai   If the engaging parties of the ‘tripartite talks’ on the Manipur district creation issue are working to sedate the situation with their insipidity, they are only leaving behind more dirt. As of today, the involving parties—United Naga Council (UNC), the State Government of Manipur and the Central Government—-appear to have been made […]

Rumour as ‘fog of war’

 Aheli Moitra A few days ago, the Central Reserve Police Force sacked one of its jawans. Soon after, the Assam Police arrested him on the charge of “obscene acts in public, criminal intimidation” under the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act.   The jawan had made a self video blaming the Prime Minister […]

A Service Institution Called ‘BANK’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   As reported in the Times Of India, only one fourth of the 51 banks in India are rated ‘high’ for complying with Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) codes, which focuses on fair treatment of customers. The objective of setting this Board is to promote good banking practices, setting […]

Reconciliation is key to inclusion

A political solution on its own does not necessarily lead to peace. While it is a critical contributor towards enhancing the possibilities of long-term sustainable peace, it needs to be complemented with other processes. A vital process towards a sustainable peace involves Reconciliation.   Experiences in conflict areas have shown that honoring Reconciliation is necessary […]

Football in Nagaland – A Collective Failure

Moa Jamir Football – a game with unmatched global reach – is also ardently followed in Nagaland. Such is the passion for football that the people have fostered lifelong affinities with certain teams and players, while the state media devote considerable news space to the game. The coverage is mostly international or national with rare […]

Let’s start a two level reconciliation process

Witoubou Newmai   For so long Naga society has allowed its situation to be conveniently limited to the interests and viewpoints of ‘others.’ In the process, the ‘Naga vision’ and the ‘Naga course’ have been distorted to a great extent. This is so because the ‘others’ have taken strategic advantages of our weakness for comforts […]

Do children have rights?

Aheli Moitra    One dusty afternoon in Dimapur, some of us walked through the bumpy mechanics’ galli that connects Circular Road (now Tajen Ao Road) to Khermahal.   A drama was unfurling in a compound. A young boy was beating an older girl (both juveniles) with a stick on the back of her shin as […]

Building Roads, Bridging Communities

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir   In Nagaland, what is statistically classed as a road is hard to be considered a road in reality. Similarly, a road full of potholes cannot be called a road but more appropriately, a stretch of potholes.   While people in the urban areas suffer from the deplorable condition of ‘roads’ filled […]

Investing in our shared humanity and destiny!

Today, we are living at a time where the most basic value to respect human dignity and human worth is threatened. Real borders are not the boundaries drawn on maps. The real borders are in human hearts and between human values. They are between the powerful and the powerless, the free and the bonded, the […]

A face-saving exercise

Moa Jamir   On the heels of hosting the 4th Northeast Connectivity Summit 2017 in Kohima (September 22-23), the Nagaland Government is slated to host a ‘Colloquium on Road Connectivity’ this week.   Under the theme, ‘Together We Build,’ the conference at State Banquet Hall, Kohima on October 10, has invited almost all the stakeholders […]

Is our society ‘imprisoned by illusion’?

Witoubou Newmai   A society ‘imprisoned by illusion’ limits itself to knee-jerk response to things only whenever it is being pinched, while it continues to find charms in rhetoric. This is because, to such a society every story is an illusion, and therefore, it ignores the gravity of issues or realities confronting it as it […]

A century of referendums

Aheli Moitra   The Kurds have done it. So have the Catalans. The Scots did it too.   Starting from the 1950s, the Nagas did it, followed by Guinea, Samoa, Algeria, Rhodesia, Comoros, Djibouti, Slovenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, East Timor, Montenegro and South Sudan to name a few.   The past century […]

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