The ‘Heart’ of Reconciliation

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir The word ‘Reconciliation’ has become a commonly used term in the context of the ‘Nagas struggle for peace.’ Yet, the context in which it is employed is somehow limited in its scope and the premise in which reconciliation is pursued requires a new thinking if it is to be pursued in the […]

Careful with the war on ‘fake news’

Imlisanen Jamir “Fake news” is a term that has been embedded into the global psyche when the Collins Dictionary declared it the Word of the Year for 2017, citing its “ubiquitous presence” in the current global scenario.   From politicians using it as a term to denigrate journalism to propaganda and fabrications leading to tragic […]

100 days of PDA

Big on promises, short on delivery   When Neiphiu Rio returned to the State for his fourth stint as the Chief Minister, the action as well as the venue for his oath-taking was considered ‘historic.’ For the first time, a government in the state was sworn-in at a public place – The Kohima Local Ground, […]

Core the impetus for reconciliation

Witoubou Newmai Making certain progress toward the understanding of the much used slogan ‘Naga reconciliation’ would also mean we should not allow the propensity to ‘truck and barter’ driven by tribal interests, that lies at the core of most endeavours, to get better of us. Whether this tribalism in our society is an atavistic impulse […]

Always on Call

“M, cha anibi!” We were visiting a friend in the heat of a summer noon in Dimapur. The domestic ‘help’, or support staff, of the family was in the middle of her afternoon rest in her boiling hot room made worse by the flickering electricity when we called her out to make us tea. Each […]

‘Status’ of ‘Cheated’ SSA Teachers?

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir It is more than a month now since the NSSATA teachers started the pen-down strike on May 2, 2018 followed by boycotting of classes from May 11 to push for two main issues – Transfer of their irregular salary from plan to Non plan, and their salary to be effected by 7th […]

Our fascination with the World Cup spectacle

In a couple of days, the 2018 FIFA World Cup will begin, and the eyes of the world will turn to Russia to witness the best footballing nations in the world showcase the beautiful game.   However, to find the actual beating heart of this sport, we need to look away from the glitz and […]

A tech savvy police, a prudent citizen

The series of events culminating in the tragic murder of two youths in the neighboring state have undeniably demonstrated that “forwards” on social media, particularly the most widely and easily accessible “WhatsApp” messaging service, has become the next “big menace to tackle.”   Incidentally, the Nagaland Police was among the first in Northeast to have […]

Tackling rumours

Witoubou Newmai Rumours have been powerful tools in determining the activities of people for generations, and that, the degree of modernity does little to inhibit the power of rumours – we have good tracks of them.   One morning sometime in the late 1970s, this writer woke up to see his villagers rushed to stock […]

Political disappointment

Aheli Moitra Remember the controversial appointment of Lt. Gen. Bipin Rawat as the Indian Army Chief bypassing two seniors in 2016? While there is nothing to prove the exact nature of this appointment, Shiv Aroor wrote in 2016 how “lobbying with bureaucrats or the political class for military promotions and appointments has been a practice […]

‘Recruitment Process’

Dr. Asangba Tzüdir Give Fairness and Transparency a Chance In November 2015, the Government of Nagaland with a “determination to check the anomalies in recruitment policies” made a disclosure that a new recruitment policy is being worked out with the aim to deliver not just fairness and transparency but also justice. As it stands today, […]

Embrace the fear of extinction

Imlisanen Jamir   Every year since 1974, on June 5, the world observes World Environment Day. United Nations sanctioned ‘International Days,’ despite having to do with issues of pertinence, do get tedious in their observations, for the most part.   The same could be the case for the World Environment Day, with mostly rhetoric from […]

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