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MTLT sticks to Aug 24 charter of demands

Seeks written assurance from Power Department

Mokokchung, August 28 (MExN): The Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) today stood firm on its charter of demands submitted to the Power Department on August 24, 2016.


In a press release today, the MTLT said that the power crisis in Mokokchung is not about the July 15, 2016 breakdown of the 5 MVA transformer, but a “culmination of public displeasure over the irregular power supply in the town over the past years.”


“The locking down of the electrical offices in Mokokchung town on August 24, 2016 was just the start; the first phase of the agitation of the Mokokchung town public towards our just demand for regular power supply in the town. The July 15, 2016 breakdown of the 5 MVA transformer at Sub-Station (Electrical), Mokokchung, was just the immediate cause of the pent-up frustration of the Mokokchung public,” it added.


While acknowledging the Power Department Mokokchung for restoring the repaired transformer in Mokokchung; the MTLT however stated that the power crisis in Mokokchung town “goes much deeper, which has been elucidated clearly in the ‘Demand Charter for Power in Mokokchung’ which was submitted to the Power Minister (through ADC Mokokchung) on August 24, 2016.”


It reminded that the August 24, 2016 charter of demands goes “much beyond this present crisis.” In 2015, the MTLT had demanded that the damaged 5MVA transformer at the power station be replaced immediately and with a higher capacity transformer; the present 2.5 MVA at the power station be upgraded; and the government keep a spare transformer at the power station to be used during emergencies.


The MTLT also reminded it had, in the August 24, 2016 charter of demands asked for immediate implementation of the assurance by the Mokokchung DPDB in 2015 about the setting up of another power station (10MVA) at Majakong Ward and another addition of 10MVA at the existing sub-station at Salangtem.


The MTLT had also demanded strict adherence of the Section 166 of the Electricity Act, 2003; and utilisation certificate of an amount nearing Rs 50 Lakh sanctioned to the Mokokchung Power Division during the financial year 2014-15 for maintenance works within seven (7) days from the issuance the ultimatum on August 24, 2016.


“Unless and until the state government, or for that matter, the Power Minister, gives a written assurance to sincerely look into our demands, then this issue is far from over. In fact this situation would go out of hand, and there would be consequences, for which the Power Department would be solely held responsible,” the MTLT cautioned.


“We have patiently waited since 2015 and before, in good faith for the government to act. However, this time, since the petitions, representations, memorandums and even ultimatums have fallen on deaf ears, the MTLT has no option but to initiate concrete actions. The responsibility falls on the government and the power department alone,” it stated.


Further, the MTLT reiterated its support to the demand of the All Ward Union Mokokchung (AWUM) for an exclusive transmission line for Mokokchung Town; and endorsed the AWUM resolution for withholding the electricity bill to the government w.e.f July 2016.