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Tetseo Sisters Hornbill Festival Box Office Show begins

Tetseo Sisters Hornbill Festival Box Office Show on December 2.

Morung Express News

Tetseo Sisters Hornbill Festival Box Office Shows started this afternoon at Bamboo Hall, Kisama.

The show is being managed by imagi.NATION and it will continue till December 9.

The shows trace the journey of a folk song from the lips of a great grandmother in a pre World war era Nagaland to a millennial girl of Now Nagaland.

Tetseo Sisters promise to take on an hour-long trip of delving into the finer nuances of the folk songs of Nagaland and exploring the stories within the stories in each song as well as celebrating the performance repertoire of the artist.

The show will flow from traditional tunes to folk fusion reflecting the contemporary age as the artist finds their own voice in an age of exposure and fusion with modern genres of music, reflecting the passage of time and how folk music of Nagaland remains relevant to the current generations in a format that retains authenticity and yet becomes relatable to modern times with the stamp of the artist.

The show will be a state of art production with programmed lighting, exciting props, audio-sound effects and set in a customized ambience. Essentially a "Made in Nagaland" production where the audience will also get a taste of the camaraderie of sitting around a fire, listening to songs and have small bites of traditional Naga snacks being passed around as they are regaled with happy and darker tales, colorful costumes, sounds and the experience of the Tetseo Sisters up close with their signature music.

The first show is at 2:00 PM and second show at 6:00 PM daily till December 9.

Tickets will be available at the venue in different slabs ranging from Platinum at Rs. 4000 (Admit two - Front row seating, refreshments, merchandise, Meet & Greet), Rs. 2500 (Admit one- Front row seating, refreshments, merchandise Meet & Greet) to Classic Single (Rs. 500) while entry is free for children under 7.

Nagaland residents may avail discounted tickets at Rs 200 on showing valid ID at the Bamboo Hall check point.


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