17 locations sealed in Kohima 

Kohima, August 15 (MExN): The Additional Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa has ordered sealing of 17 areas in Kohima in view of the detection of the COVID-19 positive cases residing at these locations.

The sealed areas are located at Pezielietsie Colony, Periezie Colony, Zienuobadze Colony, Keyake Colony, 4th NAP Thizama, Keziekie Colony, Kenuozou Colony, Upper Forest Colony, New Minister's Hill, Old Minister's Hill, New Police Reserve, I.G Colony, Officer's Hill, P.R Hill, Lower PWD Colony, Upper Chandmari Colony and Upper Mehrulietsa (Para Medical) Colony.

The areas are demarcated as “Sealed Area in order to contain the spread of the disease/infection and for necessary contact tracing,” the ADC’s order said. 

“All movement of person/vehicles within the defined Sealed Area is strictly restricted/prohibited and under active surveillance with immediate effect,” it added. 

1. A House at Pezielietsie Colony, Kohima 
2. One House after crossing Fishery Directorate, below the Road Periezie Colony, Kohima 
3. A House Zienuobadze Colony
 4. One Government Quarter 4th NAP Thizama, Kohima
 5. One house near BSF Camp Keyake Colony, Kohima 
6. Two house at Keziekie Colony, Kohima 
7. A house Kenuozou Colony, Kohima
 8. A Govt. Quarter at Upper Forest Colony, Kohima 
9. A house at New Minister's Hill, Kohima 
10. A house at Old Minister's Hill, Kohima 11. House No. 226 Lerie Colony, Kohima
 12. A house at New Police Reserve, I.G Colony, Kohima
13. Official Residence of CS to Governor, Raj Mayan Officer's Hill, Kohima 
14. Room occupied by ASI Fire Station, BOC, P.R Hill 
15. A Govt. Quarter at Lower PWD Colony, Kohima 
16. A Private residence at Lower PWD, Kohima 
17. A Private residence, Near GMS Lower Chandmari Colony, Kohima
18. A house at Upper Chandmari Colony, Kohima 
19. A house at Upper Mehrulietsa (Para Medical) Colony, Kohima.