5th Men’s Open Basketball Trophy 2023 commences in Kohima

Pele Khezhie and others with the players of the opening match on September 19. (Morung Photo)

Pele Khezhie and others with the players of the opening match on September 19. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | September 19

The 5th Men’s Open Basketball Trophy 2023 under the aegis of Oriental College Kohima commenced today at the college premises, Seikhazou, Kohima.

This year’s edition featured ten teams- South Side Shooters, Oriental College Kohima, Stallion, Kryptonite, Kohima Village Students’ Union (KVSU), Kohima Highlanders, Team Taurus, Orca, Arrow Farm and Hard Knock.

Gracing the inaugural ceremony as the special guest, Pele Khezhie, chairman D. Khel, Kohima village said “this tournament stands as a testament to the power of sports in generating positive change.”

Through sports, we learn discipline, perseverance, and resilience. These qualities extend far beyond the court and can shape us into individuals capable of overcoming any struggles in life, Khezhie said.

He maintained that the lessons one learn from the game will definitely make a lasting impact on the lives of each participant and spectator.

Stating that Basketball is a sport that brings people together, he said “It unites us under one common bond, regardless of our diverse backgrounds, cultures, or beliefs.”

This tournament symbolizes the power of unity and the strength that can be derived from working together towards a common goal, he said.

‘Real victory lies in the spirit of sportsmanship’
Khezhie said that the real victory lies in the spirit of sportsmanship, sense of unity, and mutual respect.

“This tournament not only provides an excellent platform for athletes to showcase their talents but also serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring young players,” he said adding that “For those youngsters in the audience dreaming of dribbling like the great Kobe Bryant, shooting like Stephen Curry, or making graceful moves like LeBron James, today is an opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible passion and skill that exists within our very own community.”

Meanwhile, Khezhie thanked the coaches, trainers, and supporters who have dedicated their time and energy to nurture and guide the talented individuals.

“Your contributions are invaluable, and it is your dedication that allows these young athletes to shine,” he said.

About Men’s Open Basketball Trophy
Tumben Ngullie, HoD, Department of History, Oriental College Kohima said that this Men’s Open Basketball Trophy was started by OCK in 2018 with a broader vision beyond curriculum, to give a platform to the basketball talents, to develop and encourage excellence in sport of basketball and also to promote the spirit of sportsmanship, discipline and team building among the youths.

OCK organize this tournament with a vision to inspire and encourage the youths to explore their talents and utilize them in order to achieve excellence and find their ways to earn their livelihood through this sport, Ngullie added.

We have ten strong contenders vying for this year coveted title, he said.

The inaugural function was chaired by Rovisienuo Nagi while administration of oath was done by Vizotuo Thorie.

The tournament will conclude on September 22 with Dr. Kevizakie Rio, Joint Mission Director, Samagra Shiksha Nagaland as the guest of honour.
September 20 fixture
Oriental College vs KVSU (9:00 am)
Kryptonite vs Team Taurus (10:00 am)
Kohima Highlanders vs Arrow Farm (11:00 am)
Orca vs Hard Knock (12:00noon)
South Side Shooters vs KVSU (12: 20 pm)
Stallion vs Team Taurus (2:20 pm)
Oriental College vs Kohima Highlanders (3:20 pm)