All Ward Union Mokokchung clarifies

The office of the All Ward Union Mokokchung town would like to clarify to all concern in connection with the Open letter to Commissioner & Secretary Power & Chief Engineer Power Nagaland Kohima. The All Ward Union Mokokchung town has been assisting the government for the last several years whenever required. The Question of recognized/not recognized by the government is not our primary concern, it is the preview of the government. However all the ward in Mokokchung town is created by the state govt under the existing law of the land. Further all the ward has Executive committee constituted by the general public in their respective general meeting and authorized to execute the constitution of their ward in order to preserve one’s culture and to look after the welfare of the people as granted in the constitution of India. On the issue of UEMB, the ward executive committee were requested to constitute UEMB in each ward under the E.E Power Mokokchung division letter no MEL/ TB-8/2004-05 47-53 dt. Mkg 11th August 2004 and implementation of revenue collection and power supply etc is successfully executing till date.

On the issue of executive Engineer (Elect) Mokokchung division refunded Rs. 4,45000/- (four lacs forty five thousand) only to Kumlong ward. The AWUM supports the Executive Engineer Mokokchung division clarification statement that published in local papers. It may be noted here that Bill disputes are a matter to be resolved between the UEMB and SDO (Elect) if any. As per the Model Rules Chapter III part 13 (i) & (ii) whose decision is final. 

However, single point meter system of billing (SPM) was introduced from 1st June 2011. As resolved in the joint meeting on 28th Jan 2011 at Mokokchung DC’s conference hall the department of Power feel that slab system is not in conformity with the Model Rules, therefore the system should be converted into meter system (SPM) though the Model Rules (Ref: Part-II 5 (i)) allow for multiple transformer/ points of supply within   a single ward/colony/UEMBs. The consumers from different wards are inter connected in a same transformer, as a result of which some problem in billing, i.e, excess bill were detected and rectified with the concern officials and the UEMBs. Such excess billing in near future cannot be ruled out unless there is 100% segregation. In this matter the AWUM has written to the Chief Engineer Power through proper channel Vide letter No. AWUM/G/C-3/2011-14 dt. 29th Sept 2011 highlighted the said problem and to install separate transformer/transformers in each ward UEMB forwarding of this letter can be verified from the EE (Elect) Mkg division vide letter NO. MEL/TB-44/2011-12/dt 27-09-11 where proposal for installation of additional transformers to separate wards was clearly stated. 

In view of the new billing system to be introduced from 1st June 2011 a public meeting was convened at Ongpangkong Salang on the 30th May 2011 (public meeting information was published in Ao Milen & Tir Yimyim). The meeting deliberated on the issue of new billing system (SPM) and resolved to authorize AWUM Presidential Council and t respective UEMB of the ward to discuss/settle all difficulties and anomaly arising from the application and the same is under process. 

Watimongba Aier    
President, AWUM
Secretary, AWUM