An Appeal for Co-operation to the People

As the Bible says, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”, today, it is on account of ‘accumulation of wealth’ in the name of Naga Nationalism that had stained all national workers both at the top and the bottom alike. The high ranking officials feathered their own nests all along, their men under them and the rank and file all followed suit. All national workers directly or indirectly involved in the extortion racket. Some abused powers, some played dishonest tricks, some misused money and some involved in the unauthorized tax collections. 

As it is not enough, to worsen the situation, most of the politicians, public leaders, NGO leaders, businessmen, contractors etc. work in collusion with the factional groups to earn easy money, and some to gain their support for selfish interest. No one is spared, even some criminal youth take advantages of the situation and masqueraded themselves as UGs and involved in extorting money from the helpless innocent public. 

Therefore, unabated countless cases of harassment, intimidation and extortion of money, committed by the existing myriad UG factional groups and UG impostor gangs, all in the name of UG tax collections becomes a daily phenomenon. There is complete chaos both in the UG’s administration and in the public life. But no one bothers or no one dares to ask what is right or what is wrong. This is the sorry state of affairs of our society today. What a pity!

Do not misunderstand us; we are not pointing fingers at others. Not excepting any group, before pointing fingers at others, each one of us has to first clean our own house. But we also believe, unless the public are bold enough to voice against what is right and wrong, the situation will not improve.

Therefore, in the midst of such a helpless and hopeless situation, the Shepoumaramth region, GRPN would like to appeal to the public to co-operate with us to help clean and strengthen our administration, so as for the betterment of all. Since, money is the root of all evils; we have resolved to deal with an iron hand all corrupt financial matters that are being carried out in the name of our region, both within the region and outside. We believe, there are swarms of unauthorized tax collectors and impostors, harassing and intimidating the public in the name of different UG groups, including our name.  

Therefore, in this regard, we felt it is urgent to inform to the general public that as far as the position of the NSCN (K), Shepoumaramth Region is concerned, all matters of tax collection under its jurisdiction and receiving of donation/contribution from any quarter will be done only through the knowledge/authorization of the Chairman, Shepoumaramth region. Henceforth, if anybody has confusion or complaint, or is intimidated or harassed in our name, directly contact phone no. 8974151208 or meet in person the Chairman forthwith for clarification and for your safety (We assure, we would not impose or do anything that is improper).

We assure you safe, if you are bold and wary of yourself from such anti-social elements and co-operate with us to weed out such activities. If you refuse to fight back, don’t blame us. It is because of the cowardly people that today our society is in peril. We believe, if our endeavor to clean and strengthen our administration is succeeded with the co-operation of all, we are doing of immense help and invaluable service to the people. 

For any comment or suggestion, write to:

KS Solomon King
Shepoumaramth Region,