‘Another baby would be a blessing’

There has been a pregnancy boom in Hollywood in recent months and Jennifer Lopez is eager to jump on the bandwagon. The American Idol judge has revealed that she is eager to add to her brood. And it's not just because she wants her two-year-old twins, Max and Emme to have a little brother or sister.
The 41-year-old singer has admitted that she thinks that having children has made her marriage to husband Marc Anthony stronger. While all couples have their rocky moments, Jennifer says that in her case having the  twins has been the glue that has helped stick her six years with Marc together. She says that the couple are currently in the process of trying to conceive - and having a ball doing so.
'Baby number three would be a blessing,' she told US magazine InTouch Weekly. 'We're having fun trying!' Jennifer explained that by having time off to raise her twins helped add spice to her union to Marc, because they went 'though a second honeymoon phase.' But like any mother, Jennifer also admits that raising a family can be difficult and nerve-racking at the best of times. 'My kids make Marc and I stronger than we have ever been,' she said. 'But there have been tough times where I did not know what the end looked like.'
In the interview, Jennifer continued to reiterate that her reasons for conceiving, came down to marriage survival. 'Having kids made us both see that there's a bigger picture,' she said. 'Yes, we still fight - but at the end of the day we know we have these amazing children that need us. 'So we promised not to go to bed angry.' The emotional mother-of-two was last week brought to tears whilst judging American Idol as she listened to a heart-rending performance by a single mother.
On last night's American Idol, contestant Chris Medina introduced his brain damaged fiancée to the judges. The 26-year-old barista performed an emotional rendition of The Script's Breakeven for his wife-to-be Juliana, who was at death's door following a car crash in 2009. Clearly moved by his story and performance, the judges asked the coffee shop worker to bring in wheelchair-bound Juliana so they could meet her.
As they shook her hand, judge Steven Tyler told her the reason Chirs's performance was so impressive was because he sang it to her. 'It's why he's so good,' he told her. The judges then send Medina through to Hollywood week, where he is likely to go on to do well in the contest. Kicking off last night's show was 16-year-old Scott McCreery from Garner, North Carolina, who impressed Jennifer with his incredibly deep voice.