ANTA Dimapur unit clarifies

Dimapur, January 13 (MExN): The All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA) Dimapur unit has refuted a news item that was published on January 13 in local dailies issued by one ‘Ananto Zhimomi,’ who was described as a self styled general secretary of ANTA Dimapur unit. A clarification note issued by vice president Ghotoi Awomi and general secretary Ahoshe Chopi, ANTA Dimapur unit said that ‘Ananto Zhimomi’ is not even a member or registrate of the unit till date. ANTA Dimapur unit stated that there has been no ANTA election and it has been ‘desolved till date’, and denied knowledge on how ‘Ananto’ became the general secretary of ANTA Dimapur unit. The association also stated that ‘Ananto’ is not known by any drivers, owners, and line masters of Dimapur unit.
Therefore, ANTA Dimapur unit demands ‘Ananto Zhimomi’ to clarify his statement within two days, failing which it will take its own course of action against him, further adding that any appointment and inducting officials of ANTA Dimapur unit is its own business. The association further informs that it has elected its new team under the leadership of Tohozhe Awomi as president, Ghotoi Awomi as vice president and Ahoshe Chopi as general secretary on December 7, 2010 like other district unit and the association is functioning smoothly. “The ANTA Dimapur unit is doing the best thing for the owners and drivers of Taxi within Dimapur and outside, therefore there is nothing to confuse made by the ‘Ananto’ statement,” stated the note.