AWO condemns sexual assault on women, minor 

Kohima, July 25 (MExN): “Every act of sexual assault and molestation, rape, brutal killing of innocent women young and old, not sparing even the sick and the handicap in this Manipur violence is so distressing at the same time tragic,” Angami Women Organization (AWO) said in a statement condemning the series of atrocity meted out to the women folk in the ongoing Manipur conflict ever since violence erupted on May 3. 

AWO expressed grieve and extended its solidarity with the victims of the conflict. Further, it appealed to all machineries both state and centre to join hands to douse the fire that continue to burn the state of Manipur for almost three months now. 

Meanwhile, AWO also vehemently condemned the alleged rape case at Tsiesema village on July 9 where a 5-year old girl child was sexually assaulted and abandoned in a ditch. “Allowing a perpetrator who committed such heinous act to roam about free will be doing great injustice to the community and humiliation to the women at large,” it stated.

It urged the law enforcing authority to apprehend the culprit at the earliest and give stringent punishment that will prevent recurrence of such crime in our society.