Call for change and continuity at Sekrenyi

An Angami couple in their indigenous attire celebrate the festival of Sekrenyi at the local ground Kohima on Friday.
Kohima | February 25 : Thousands from all the four zones of Angami country culminated at the Khuochiezie Local Ground here today to celebrate Sekrenyi – the premier festival of the tribe – organized by the Angami Public Organisation (APO). Everywhere, the state capital wore a festive look as Angamis, decked in traditional finery, marched from their respective directions to culminate at the Khuochiezie Local ground to join the Sekrenyi festivities which were dominated by cultural presentations and a grand Sekrenyi Feast.
Extending his Sekrenyi greetings, chief guest on the occasion, M.C Konyak, Minister in charge of Forests and Excise advocated for a change that does not mean abandoning the old way for the new or totally going backwards but to adapt and package Naga culture in a way that is appealing to the younger generation. This, he said, is in order maintain continuity and cultural identity. He lamented that today we lack the kind of social discipline that was practiced by our forefathers.
‘Our unique culture is the only thing that sets us apart from our brothers in the Northeast as well as the rest of the country”, he said and stressed on the importance of preserving this uniqueness. To others our culture may appear to be all about song and dance and merry making but to us it is more than that, we have inherited such beautiful traditions and customs from our forefathers, he said and urged the youth to look beyond the pageantry, dig deeper into our culture and discover the pearls that are imbedded in our culture. These include maintaining honour and justice, respect for elders, maintaining brotherly relations, conservation of environment, etc, he said. He also stated that one of the most important aspects behind the road shows of last year was the revival and cultural awakening among the youths. Reminding that from this year onwards the government has given the charge to the tribal hohos and organizations to celebrate the cultural festivals, he expressed hope that all the tribal hohos will take the task seriously and not only organize shows or events but also take measures to encourage the younger generations to be more involved.
Acknowledging the Angamis as leaders and pioneers among the Naga tribes, he exhorted the tribe to continue to actively involve themselves in all matters of Naga society to strengthen the Naga family.
Meanwhile, he has expressed deep appreciation and gratitude to the Angami people and the various Angami organizations including APO, AYO, etc for the initiatives towards promoting conservation of the environment by banning hunting, fishing and burning of jungles. This has come as a fine example and a big challenge for the other tribes; he said and assured that his department would continue to uphold the noble resolution in whatever way.
Earlier, traditional Sekrenyi blessings were invoked by Chatuo Paphino, President of the Southern Angami GBs Association while APO President Kekhriengulie Linyü while special songs were presented by Alder Club and Kenei and Menguse-ü. APO General Secretary Neingunyü Sekhose delivered the vote of thanks.