Can NSCN (IM) settle political issues for Nagaland?

Thepfulhouvi Solo

If the political Rumors doing the rounds in Nagaland among Nagas about the current INDO-NAGA Political Talk, between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland now called Nagalim, has any substance, it is rumored a settlement is coming out in October 2012 sans:

i. Integration, 


ii. The Sovereignty Question.

This means: Manipur will remain the same Manipur; Assam the  same Assam and Arunachal the same Arunachal Pradesh as before. And Nagaland will be the same old no easy to manage ever smiling enthusiastic Home Minister Nagaland the same. 

If so, Nagalim will become just a descriptive geographical area. It is a political area only in the brain of the NSCN (IM) Leaders. It is not even a recognized geographical Area unlike South East Asia or the North East India. Nagalim is just a supposed geographical area that creates much undesirable ‘palpitation’ in Ibobi, Gogoi and the youthful CM of Arunachal Pradesh of the neighboring States of the North East. 

As there can be no one single Government over South East Asia; the Balkans of Europe or the North East: Nagalim cannot become a single political Territory. 

It is composed of Parts of several separate Indian States and the Government of India cannot tear these Parts off from their States and compress them into a Single new Political Territory. Government of India cannot do this without the consent of the majority of the people of the States. Nagalim is not a factual compact single political Territory, it is only an Ideal.

Sometimes a Government can be in Exile or descriptively ‘Underground’; however, in such a case, there is a real Political State already in existence. A Government cannot exist in a nonexistent Political Territory. It is a Universal Democratic requirement that a Government must have a Territory. Therefore where will the NSCN (IM) Government run; what will its Territorial jurisdiction be? 

Nagalim is only a supposed geographical Area, not a political State, and so the NSCN (IM) cannot have Government there. This is not a question of one’s liking it or disliking it. A Government and a Territory are like the two faces of the same Coin. The One cannot exist without the Other. If there is a Territory, there must be a Government over it and if there is a Government, there must be a Territory under it. There can be no other alternatives to these.

Now, the Government of a Territory must be formed by the People of that Territory only, not by other people. This means the people of a Government must be by the people from that Territory. 

In the Naga context: this means the People from Outside the Territory of Nagaland cannot form Government of Nagaland. 

It is alright Mr. Muivah has signed Ceasefire Agreement with GoI over the Territory of Nagaland; in fact that was a welcome action, loss of life in Nagaland has greatly lessened since the Agreement. But politically Muivah is a Naga of Manipur; he was born in Somdal, Ukhrul District of Manipur and is a Citizen of Manipur. He cannot form a Government in Nagaland. Citizenship is inherited by birth that is natural; by domicile is by choice. These are hard political realities and one may or may not like it.  

Nagas in and of outside Nagaland cannot form Government of Nagaland because they are Citizens of a Territory not of Nagaland. In the same way, Nagas of Nagaland cannot form Government outside Nagaland, they are not the people of that Area. Only the Citizens of the Territory can form the Government of that Territory.  Citizenship is therefore an important as the identity of People.

These are not political fallacies; they are political facts and they are Universal Political axioms. An Axiom means ‘self evident facts’ just like 2 plus 2 equals 4. No proof is required to the fact that 1 plus 1 equals 2.

The People of Finland only can form the Government of Finland, they cannot form the Government of the Fish: the people of Iceland can form the Government of Iceland: they cannot form the Government of Holyland. It is only the people of the Territory that can form their own Government.