• Delhi to Nagaland
    Post-Poll Test for new regimesAlong LongkumerConsulting EditorNow that the hustle and bustle of elections is over, it is time for government formation, distribution of responsibility (portfolio), skillful manag
  • Complexity and the community
    Aheli Moitra “I hope and pray that Nagaland does not lose what we have already lost,” stated Leslie Nazareth in his introductory note for a visit to Nagaland. Leslie has been visiting the State since 1
  • Ethnic Conflict?
    In contemporary politics, the State has ensured that it monopolizes ‘war’ and thus enjoys the prerogative of defining what amounts to ‘war.’ The problems and challenges arising out of these wars have em
  • Humanizing Process
    Humanity urgently requires a culture that is both responsive and responsible for human needs. For humanization to become possible, it is imperative that humanity directs its energies towards the “recreation o
  • ‘Consensus Solution’
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorChoosing the Next Chief MinisterThe race for the next Chief Minister (CM) of Nagaland is on with rivalry between two camps of the ruling Naga Peoples Front (NPF). This has put in
  • School Dropouts
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorCan a government school produce good results? Can a government school produce nil results? Thankfully, yes is the answer to both the above two question if we go by the results of
  • Tackling abuse through information
    Aheli Moitra Last year, we, the media, tried to follow a criminal case to its trial. It involved children of poor parents who had been taken to a “children’s home” in Jaipur under the pretext of free
  • Uncertainty?
    Growing restlessness and lingering lethargy enveloping the Naga skyline is causing an uneasy sense of acute cynicism and unfocused anger, just churning restlessly for its release. The internal and external cond
  • Renew Through Festival
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorAs the colour and joy of Moatsu was celebrated across the State, it is only fair to suggest here that festivals should not only be celebrated and enjoyed but also emulated for th
  • People As Watchdogs
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorMore than five years have elapsed since the Right to Information Act (RTI) came into force across India including in Nagaland. But the impact of RTI on the people is yet to be fe
  • Dignity of labour without recognition of work?
    Aheli Moitra For over a hundred years, workers from around the world have raised their voices for issues that affect the workforce. On May 1, 1886, the International Workers’ Day emerged from the United
  • End of Bi-Lateralism?
    In the history of humankind, the manners in which nations and governments organize power and relate to each other have been critical in determining the direction of human progression. In the 21st century, with
  • Decisions, for whom?
    In a truly democratic and just society, decisions are not just simply made with the active participation of people; they are made in response to a society’s collective need and for the common good of all. Unf
  • Forest Fires and Green Nagaland
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorIt is once again that time of the year when forest fires are upon us. Reports of such incidents are however not confined to Nagaland alone but this is a global phenomenon, some c
  • Wisdom to build the future
    Along LongkumerConsulting EditorA few weeks back tributes had poured in for our departed leader Scato Swu, a former President of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and later a Rajya Sabha Member of Parlia
  • Hotchpotchization
    The process of industrialization of Nagaland through its urbanization with the help of globalization to rid it of tribalization, in a manner best suited to civilization, has been long wound. So now, the attempt
  • A future with no tomorrow?
    The notion that every generation enters into a contract with notions of justice, dignity, peace, and purposeful existence needs reflection. Perhaps through this idea of generational contract we come to understa
  • Encounters
    A few winters ago during a seminar hosted by a reputed theological college in Nagaland, one of the key note address was delivered by an elderly Reverend, who had spent most of his life in the North East, more p
  • Media Much?
    Aheli Moitra On the evening of April 9, 2014, when Nagaland went to vote for a representative to its lone Lok Sabha seat, those of us working in the press room were confused. Journalists based in Nagaland
  • Contextualize Change
    Social change is an integral and natural process of human progression. Without transformation human life would remain stagnant; and such a status quo would breed and sustain an unjust and intolerant system. Cur