• National Unity
    In a welcome development for the Palestinian people and its aspiration for a separate independent State, the two main factions, the “secular-minded” Fatah and the “Islamist” Hamas, on Ap
  • Non-Performing Schools
    The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSC) has declared the results for High School Leaving Certificate Examinations (HSLC) and Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examinations (HSSLC) for 2011 with
  • Democracy & Liberty
    Today, democracy is one political system whose legitimacy goes unquestioned. The rhetoric and rituals of democracy defines the framework of the present world order. From its Greek root, ‘democracy’
  • Corruption or Quality Control?
    With so much of emphasis on development and the accompanying funds to realize this objective flowing, it is only appropriate for the State government to ensure that the development work and the assets being bui
  • An Agenda for the Future
    A few days back, the Morung Express carried a front news article about a United Nations report pointing out that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is ready to run an independent state. The U.N. report followed equ
  • Naga Diplomacy
    For the past several decades, the use of Naga diplomacy in both internal and external modern politics has been disappointing; and its role undermined. And this has only encouraged the use of force and violence
  • Between Doubt & Certainty
    The tension between doubt and certainty has come to dominate any peace initiative – in different sphere of life – and it would not be wrong to say that such peace initiatives continuously swing betw
  • GK Pillai’s Soft Talk
    It made interesting news to read the statement of the Union Home Secretary GK Pillai wherein he mentioned that the government of India was hopeful of a Naga solution by the year end. Pillai was speaking to the
  • Green Development
    According to studies the number of people around the world without access to clean water is growing. Indeed, water as a resource, its preservation, proper management and utilization calls for clear policy guide
  • A Common Approach
    Killing and violence continue to be used as a legitimate instrument by both the State and non-state actors. This is a dangerous culture and if we look at the long term, it achieves nothing but rather it only cr
  • Impunity
    When the Armed Forces Special Powers Act was first introduced in 1958 to militarily engage the Nagas and to hinder their call for freedom; people that valued and respected democratic values and principles deepl
  • Naga Consciousness!!
    At the core of a peoples existence is its collective consciousness and perhaps Nagas must consciously and deliberately take the task to nurture, nourish and evoke a consciousness and perception that is an alter
  • Political Test for Jamir, Rio
    A high voter turnout - nearly 75 percent - in Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry Assembly polls has been reported which if true is good news for people’s democracy. In the past there has been allega
  • Reverse brain drain
    A recent study which was also published in the Morung Express points out that one of the top mega trends that will influence and shape the world in the coming years would be reverse brain drain with a steady fl
  • Reconciling Land Disputes
    There is great pride in the slogan ‘the historical and political rights of the Nagas’. At the heart of this philosophy we have the land and resource of our people and this actually defines Naga nati
  • Reorienting Politics
    While elections should be a time of talking about the important issues of the day through serious discussions and debate among the candidates, here in our so called democracy we have come to use election time f
  • Eternal Vigilance
    The anti-corruption crusade across the country led by renowned social activist Anna Hazare is truly a people’s movement with a groundswell of mass support which, even the government could not ignore anymo
  • Human Dignity
    The necessity to create a viable and secure political, social, cultural and economic environment that would allow people to exercise their rights continues to be the primary essence of peoples’ movement,
  • Farmers Exposure Tours
    Newspapers in Nagaland are regularly being splashed with reports and pictures of our local farmers from across the State going on ‘exposure tours’ to different places outside our State. Such kind of
  • Conscience and Change
    Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of an understanding which is rooted in context and conscience. Both change and understanding are located within an inclusive hist