• Direct Cash Transfer
    The decision of the Central government to introduce from January 1, 2013 direct cash transfer for various social welfare beneficiaries has been described as “game-changer” and “politically revolutionary
  • Garbage Reality Check
    Garbage is unpleasant for everyone. It is dirty, foul smelling but one that we cannot avoid. As long as humans breathe and live, garbage wastage is always going to be there. And therefore the issue of garbage d
  • Something about everything
    Aheli MoitraThe last week, hoorah, was full of itself. A friend attending the Doha climate talks displayed a wide grin in a photo, having seated himself as a mock country delegate. The badge of fame in front of
  • New opportunity for Nagaland
    Nagaland is perhaps enjoying a rare time of grandeur what with the Festival of Festivals the Hornbill Festival in full swing and a worldwide audience just simply astonished by what is on offer—the colour and
  • Defrost Middle East Peace
    The peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians has been stuck for some time now with nothing happening. There is growing frustration on all sides because of the lack of progress made. While the interna
  • For a peaceful Hornbill
    In a few hours we will venture into the last month of the year. Whether by coincidence, we save the best for the last. From December 1 onwards until Christmas and New Year it is going to be one hectic time of e
  • Power & Inequality
    Inequality is not just a problem in our Naga society but it is seen worldwide as one of the biggest social, economic and political challenges. And therefore it would be misleading to say that everyone is equal
  • Redundant policing and rule of law
    Aheli MoitraIn 1990, we visited an uncle in the police posted in rural Maharashtra. The journey was long, involving, in part, a ride on a bullock cart. Uncle’s family lived in a two room ground floor house ad
  • Common NE concerns
    While it is too early for us to even imagine ourselves on the lines of the European Union (EU), the Northeast region if it is to progress together as a common entity must ensure that the parts of the sum total
  • Top down corruption
    The Opposition Congress has come out with disturbing allegations of “forgery, cheating and fraudulent drawal of huge public funds” under Social Welfare Department, Government of Nagaland by “bogus firms a
  • Too Much Politics in Parliament
    The sad truth about all that is going on in Indian politics right now has to do with only one thing—how to achieve power. And because of this constant urge to seize power, political parties have become irresp
  • Discourse on Solution & Election
    Could it be that the tall claims made by the ruling NPF and Opposition Congress that Nagas want early solution not election is actually just a populist slogan or is there an honest intention to forgo election?
  • Tractor Supply Puzzle
    Year after year while distributing farm machineries like tractors our Chief Minister and other officials have been lamenting about the poor farm output despite 70% of our population being farmers. This year als
  • Children and Society’s Future
    As Children’s Day is observed on November 14 every year, it reminds us about the great opportunities before us to mould young people into disciplined, honest, productive and God fearing. We as parents or soci
  • No Hope in Bloodshed
    The return of violence and bloodshed to the Middle East following resumption of fighting between Israel and Hamas does not augur well for peace not just in the region but beyond as well. All of us are aware of
  • Events, Action Plans & Roads
    We are once again at that time of year when we showcase our potential to the rest of the world. The 3rd Northeast Region Agri Expo 2012 has just begun and next we will again be host to the mega Hornbill Festiva
  • Dam the raptor
    Aheli MoitraAnd the Nagas have figured another way to befuddle India, and India the world. With a little help from Amur Falcons (Falco amurensis) this time. Conservation India’s ‘shocking’ revelation of t
  • Emotional integration
    Naga leaders and intellectuals from different walks of life have been pointing to the need to develop emotional integration among our people. And it is true that without emotional integration there can be no ge
  • People to People Dialogue
    Promoting mutual understanding and collaboration through people-to-people exchanges and dialogue in the northeast region is an idea whose time has come. Greater time and effort must be invested into these proce
  • Obama’s re-election and America
    The Morung Express in its editorial just before the voting day for the American Presidential election had stated that “Mr Obama may have the edge because of the more broad based support”. The editorial had