• Want to live longer? Avoiding red hot meat may help
    Sydney, September 4 (IANS): If you're consuming too much and processed meat, kindly take note. Researchers have found that consuming red and processed meat increased a protein compound that may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and complications in diabetes. The study, published in the journal Nutrients, suggests high-heat caramelisation of red meat -- a process used extensively in cooking for the resulting nutty flavour and brown colour -- could be bad for our health.
  • Kids can have Covid antibodies, virus in their system simultaneously
    New delhi, September 3 (PTI): Children may still have the potential to transmit the novel coronavirus even if they have a measurable immune response, according to a new study which says the virus and antibodies can coexist in young patients. The study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, used a retrospective analysis of 6,369 children tested for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and 215 patients who underwent antibody testing at the Children's National Hospital in the US bet
  • Permanent hair dye may up cancer risk in women: Study
    New York, September 3 (IANS): Women who use permanent hair dye products, kindly take note. Researchers have found that permanent hair dye can slightly increase the risk of some types of breast, skin and ovarian cancer. The study from Harvard University in the US, published in the journal The BMJ on Thursday, also revealed that natural hair colour was also found to impact on the likelihood of some cancers. Use of hair dye is very popular, particularly among older age groups keen t
  • US rejects global cooperation in vaccine project
    Washington, September 3 (IANS): The US will not join global efforts with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop, manufacture and equitably distribute Covid-19 vaccines, President Donald Trump's administration said. More than 170 countries are in talks to participate in Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Facility, a global initiative working with vaccine manufacturers to provide countries with access to safe and effective vaccines, Xinhua news agency reported on Thur
  • Nutrition Week: Health experts shed light on nutrient deficiencies in women, kids
    New Delhi, September 1 (IANS): On the first day of the National Nutrition Week, observed every year from September 1 to 7 in India, various public health experts said the focus should be on the issue of under-nutrition, over nutrition or micro-nutrient deficiencies in children and women. The National Nutrition Week was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 1982 with the objective to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for the human body. Accordi
  • AstraZeneca Covid vax reaches Phase-3 trial in US
    New York, September 1 (IANS): The Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed by Oxford University in partnership with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has reached Phase-3 trial in the US. The trial will enroll approximately 30,000 adult volunteers at 80 sites in the US to evaluate if the candidate vaccine, known as AZD1222, can prevent symptomatic Covid-19, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) said on Monday. "Positive results from preclinical resear
  • Cardiac patients record 20% higher Covid mortality, recovered ones tend to develop heart diseases
    New Delhi, August 31 (IANS): Severe cases of Covid-19 with pre-existing acute cardiovascular underlying condition are at a greater fatality risk. The death rate in such patients is estimated up to 15X higher than patients without co-morbidities. The doctors have observed that one out of five such cases expires while battling the deadly virus. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Associate director and Unit head cardiology, Paras Hospital Gurugram suggested that people who have non-communicable d
  • COVID-19 surge not so worrying if serious cases, deaths are low: Experts
    New Delhi, August 31 (PTI): The rise in number of COVID-19 cases should not be a cause of concern as long as the number of serious patients and deaths due to the disease remain low, say public health experts in Gujarat. They are also of the view that the new cases being reported daily should be categorised as mild, moderate or severe to better understand the pandemic. "We are finding new cases everyday, but the first thing we need to know is how many of them are serious,&quo
  • Covid-19 vaccine trial begins in Mysuru hospital
    Mysuru (Karnataka), August 30 (IANS): Clinical trial of the Covishield vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, began at the JSS Hospital in Mysuru, an official said on Sunday. "The clinical trial of Covishield began on Saturday at our hospital, which is the only institute in Karnataka to have been selected by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for verifying its effect and efficacy on a coronavirus patient," the official told IANS here. Similar trials
  • Quit smoking to reduce stroke risk: Study
    Seoul, August 29 (IANS) Scientists have urged people with atrial fibrillation -- the most common heart rhythm disorder -- to quit smoking if they want to reduce stroke risk. Previous studies have shown that smokers are more likely to develop atrial fibrillation and subsequent stroke. "Smoking precipitates blood clots that could lead to a stroke, which may be why giving up lowers risk," said study author So-Ryoung Lee from the Seoul National University Hospital in South
  • UK to give emergency approval to any effective Covid vaccine
    London, August 28 (IANS): The British government on Friday proposed measures to give emergency approval to a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine and train a large number of people in administering it in order to enable a fast-paced mass rollout. If a vaccine is developed before 2021, the proposals will bolster existing powers that allow the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to consider approving its use, before a full product licence is granted. However,
  • Estrogen may reduce Covid-19 severity in women: Study
    New York, August 28 (IANS): Researchers have revealed that estrogen may lessen the severity of Covid-19 symptoms in women, adding that this may be the reason why men are at a greater risk than women for more severe outcomes from this virus. Estrogens are hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, mainly in women. They are also referred to as female sex hormones. For the study, published in the journal Current Hypertension Reports, the research team condu
  • India will have 'approved' vaccine by 2021 Q1: Bernstein Research
    New York, August 28 (IANS): India is on course to have an "approved" vaccine within the first quarter of calendar year 2021 and Pune based Serum Institute of India (SII), the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by volume, is well placed to deliver the first vaccine, according to a report out Thursday from Bernstein Research, a top Wall Street research and brokerage firm. "Globally, there are four candidates that are close to an approval by the end of the CY2020 o
  • Dialysis patients at greater risk of Covid-19 infection: Study
    New York, August 28 (IANS): It's widely known fact that Covid-19 can spread rapidly among residents in nursing homes and now, Johns Hopkins study shows people receiving hemodialysis for chronic kidney disease may be at even greater risk for infection from the virus. For the study, published in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, investigated an outbreak of Covid-19 that occurred in April 2020 in a 200-bed Maryland nursing home with an independently operated, on-si
  • Phase II trial of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate to begin in PGI Chandigarh
    New Delhi, August 27 (IANS): The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh will be beginning the Phase II trial of oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate -- Covishield from the first week of September. The premier institute has received approval from its internal ethical committee and is awaiting the signing of the tripartite agreement between the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Serum Institute of India (SII) within the next two days
  • Vitamin C can be key to better muscles in later life: Study
    London, August 27 (IANS): People above 50, kindly take note. Researchers have found that older people who eat plenty of Vitamin C -- commonly found in citrus fruits, berries and vegetables -- have the best skeletal muscle mass. This is important because people tend to lose skeletal muscle mass as they get older - leading to sarcopenia (a condition characterised by loss of skeletal muscle mass and function), frailty and reduced quality of life. People over 50 lose upto one pe
  • Covid can affect almost all organs, say AIIMS experts
    New Delhi, August 27 (PTI): Not just the lungs, COVID-19 can affect almost all organs and the initial symptoms may be totally unrelated to chest complaints, experts at All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi said on Wednesday. They stressed that classification of cases into mild, moderate and severe categories based just on respiratory symptoms should be relooked to include other organ involvement. Experts from the institute, including its director Dr Randeep Guleria
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine appears to work as well in older adults in early study
    August 27 (Reuters) - Moderna Inc said on Wednesday its experimental COVID-19 vaccine induced immune responses in older adults similar to those in younger participants, offering hope that it will be effective in people considered to be at high risk for severe complications from the coronavirus. The company is one of the leading contenders in the race to develop a vaccine against the virus that has killed more than 820,000 people worldwide. Its candidate, mRNA-1273, is already in lat
  • Antibody that may protect against COVID-19 identified
    New Delhi, August 25 (PTI): Scientists have identified a human antibody that they say may potentially prevent or limit SARS-CoV-2 infection that causes COVID-19 disease.        The researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the US discovered and characterised a cross-reactive human monoclonal antibody to SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins which blocks ACE2 receptor binding on the mucosal tissue of the respiratory tract.       T
  • Govt mulls 'Mission COVID Suraksha' with Rs 3,000 cr corpus
    New Delhi, August 25 (PTI): To accelerate the process of developing and manufacturing safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in the country that can be easily accessible and affordable for the public, a 'Mission COVID Suraksha' has been proposed to be set up with a corpus of nearly Rs 3,000 crore, sources said. Piloted by the Department of Biotechnology, the proposed mission will focus on end-to-end vaccine development from clinical trial stage to regulatory facilitation to ma