• Prior dengue infection can double Covid-19 risk: Study
    SAO PAULO, MAY 19 (IANS): People who have had dengue in the past are twice as likely to develop symptoms of Covid-19 if they are infected by coronavirus, finds a new study. The study, led by University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, detected the presence of antibodies against dengue virus and SARS-CoV-2 in blood samples from 1,285 inhabitants of Mancio Lima, a small town in the state of Acre, part of Brazil's Amazon region. "Our results show that the populations most exposed to
  • New portable Covid-19 test detects virus within one second
    NEW YORK, MAY 19 (IANS): A team of researchers has developed a sensor system that helps detect SARS-CoV2, the virus causing Covid-19 infections, within a second, much faster than current detection methods. Detecting the presence of the virus requires amplifying the numbers of the biomarker, such as the copies of viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the common polymerase chain reaction technique for Covid-19 detection, or amplifying the binding signal for a target biomarker. The sensor
  • Long working hours raises death risk from heart disease, stroke
    Geneva, May 17 (IANS) Working 55 or more hours per week is associated with an estimated 35 per cent higher risk of a stroke and a 17 per cent higher risk of dying from ischemic heart disease, compared to working 35-40 hours a week, according to a study published on Monday. The study, by the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization, showed that in 2016, 398,000 people died from stroke and 347,000 from heart disease as a result of having worked at least 55 h
  • Shilpa Shetty: Please don't neglect your health, food, sleep or water intake
    Mumbai, May 17 (IANS) Shilpa Shetty Kundra took to social media on Monday to remind netizens that they need to be gentle towards themselves at a time when the nation is battling the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. "To be able to stay united and help each other, we need to be gentle with ourselves. Prioritise what needs and deserves your attention before everything else. Please don't neglect your health, your food, your sleep, or even your water intake," the actre
  • Leading causes of lifestyle disorders
    New Delhi, May 17 (IANSlife) Lifestyle disorders are a major cause of death in almost every country now. The occurrence of these problems is not a one-day process; people suffer due to long-time ignorance of their health care. Some of the lifestyle disorders are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, strokes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), arthritis, and mental health issues. Himanshu Rai, Chief Dietician and Nutritionist at Think You shares some of the
  • Post-Covid cardiac care is important: Doctor
    By Siddhi Jain New Delhi, May 17 (IANSlife) Heart specialists and cardiologists have sounded the alarm on the Covid-19 virus affecting heart and its processes, causing many fatalities. Ravindra Singh Rao, Specialist, Structural Heart Disease, Jaipur who is an expert in the Shock Wave Lithotripsy Angioplasty Technique, shares insights on heart problems commonly seen in Covid-19 patients, non-Covid cardiac care and post-Covid recovery. Q: It is common to see heart problems amid
  • Uncontrolled diabetes major cause of Black Fungus: Experts
    Lucknow, May 16 (IANS) Uncontrolled diabetes is emerging as a major factor in acquiring black fungus infection or mucormycosis, which is surfacing in Covid-19 patients after recovery and is leading to further complications An online event, hosted by Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences on Saturday with 52 experts discussing the issue, aimed to prepare the work force to prevent patients from falling prey to the infection while informing them about the relevant tr
  • How to encourage people with Covid-19 vax hesitancy
    London, May 16 (IANS): You can't be sure, even if you're relatively young and fit, that you won't get seriously ill or struggle with long-term Covid-related problems. This could be the most effective way to strongly encourage vaccine-hesitant individuals, say researchers. For people who say that they will avoid being vaccinated for as long as possible or will never get vaccinated must be encouraged by highlighting their personal benefit, according to a study published in
  • Doctors' advice for post-vaccine care at home
    New Delhi, May 15 (IANSlife): A sore injection site, pain in the injected arm, mild fever, moderate fatigue, headaches, chills, and even diarrhoea are symptoms commonly seen after administration of the Covid-19 vaccine. While one may have taken the right step towards protection from the virus, doctors say the post-vaccination symptoms can be managed at home. According to Sujeet Ranjan, Executive Director of The Coalition for Food and Nutrition Security (CFNS), after vaccination
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
    New Delhi, May 15 (IANSlife) Mental Health Awareness Week runs from May 10-16 this year. During this pandemic, millions of us have experienced a mental health problem, or seen a loved one struggle. Some of us have seen our already fragile mental health plummet, as the support networks around us disappear. This second wave has been severe not just because of the sheer number of cases, but also because of the explosion in cases, just when everything seemed to be returning to normal. I
  • Covid can trigger blood clots in arms, finds NRI scientist
    New York, May 15 (IANS) A team of US researchers led by an Indian American scientist has reported the first instance of Covid-19 triggering a rare recurrence of potentially serious blood clots in patient's arms. The discovery, published in the journal Viruses, improves the understanding of how inflammation caused by Covid can lead to upper extremity blood clots and how best to treat them. While there have been reports of lower extremity deep vein thrombosis following Covid-19
  • Cancer and Covid-19? Here's what you should do
    New Delhi, May 14 (IANSlife) We face an unprecedented and exponential tsunami of Covid-19 positive, leading to a near-collapse of our healthcare system. Mortality due to the infection is mostly due to severe injury to the lungs causing respiratory failure. With the current shortage of oxygen faced in many hospitals across, the country faces a national emergency causing most of our hospital resources to be directed towards Covid-19 care alone. Because of this most of the non-Covid-19
  • Covid outcomes may be more severe in children: Study
    New York, May 14 (IANS) Children with Covid-19 may not display typical symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, therefore more screening and vigilance are required, researchers warned. The study led by researchers at University of Alabama - Birmingham, US, found that children with Covid-19 may develop poor clinical outcomes such as requiring hospitalisation, critical care services and mechanical ventilation. For the study, the team identified nearly 12,000 pediatric
  • Gap between two doses of Covishield Vaccine extended to 12-16 weeks
    New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) The Covid Working Group chaired by N.K. Arora has recommended extension of the gap between the first and second doses of Covishield vaccine to 12-16 weeks. The gap between the two doses of the same vaccine is 6-8 weeks at present. Thr working group, based on the available real-life evidences, particularly from UK, agreed on increasing the dosing interval to 12-16 weeks between two doses of Covishield vaccine. However there is no change in interval of Cova
  • Blow conch shells to keep Covid at bay: Yoga experts
    Lucknow, May 13 (IANS) Yoga experts are now advising people to blow conch shells in order to strengthen the respiratory system. The age-old practice of blowing conch shells, known as 'shankh', after prayers, is said to help in fighting Covid by enhancing the lung power. Yoga expert, Ratan Sinha of Prayagraj, said, "Blowing a conch shell is a part of Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Our elders blew the 'shankh' regularly and their lungs were strong. They rarely s
  • COVID vaccines don't damage placenta, may be safe in pregnancy: Study
    New Delhi, May 12 (PTI): COVID-19 vaccines may be safe during pregnancy, suggests a study that found no evidence of injury to the placenta in pregnant women who received the preventive. The first-of-its-kind study, published on Tuesday in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, adds to the growing literature that COVID-19 vaccines are safe in pregnancy. "The placenta is like the black box in an airplane. If something goes wrong with a pregnancy, we usually see changes in th
  • Breathe deep, crawl and walk for Covid recovery
    NEW DELHI, MAY 12 (IANS): Johns Hopkins Medicine Rehabilitation Network has prescribed a phased rehabilitation program for Covid patients to help them return to their way of life and enjoy full health. As Covid-19 attacks the body and mind - Johns Hopkins Medicine said rehabilitation efforts aim to restore the whole person, helping you return to your previous quality of life. Common impairments of Covid-19 include weakness, fatigue and shortness of breath with activity, and diffi
  • People with HIV more likely to get sick with, die from Covid: Study
    NEW YORK, MAY 12 (IANS): People living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) have an increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and fatal outcomes from Covid-19, new research has shown. The study led by Pennsylvania State University researchers found that people living with HIV had a 24 per cent higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and a 78 per cent higher risk of death from Covid-19 than people without HIV. The most common comorbiditie
  • Adult immunisation: Myth vs reality
    New Delhi, May 11 (IANSlife) While vaccinations remain the most effective prevention strategy to maintain immunity for a prolonged period, adult immunisation remains neglected. Adult immunisation myths prevail as a result of inadequate awareness, lack of an established body of official recommendations and vaccine hesitancy, which contribute to reduced vaccine coverage across India. For instance, there are rising incidences of typhoid cases in India, despite the availability of vacci
  • Goa recommends ivermectin to all above 18 to combat Covid in state
    Panaji, May 10 (IANS) As Goa continues to top the country's Covid positivity rate chart, the state government on Monday cleared a new Covid treatment protocol which recommends all residents above the age of 18 to take five tablets of the ivermectin drug, in order to prevent the steep and sometimes fatal viral fever, which accompanies a Covid-19 infection. Speaking to reporters here, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, the ivermectin drug would be made available at all health centres