• China joins WHO-led COVAX for fair access to Covid-19 vaccines
    Beijing, October 9 (IANS): China said on Friday that it has joined the World Health Organization (WHO)-led COVAX international initiative which aims to ensure equitable global access to vaccines against the novel coronavirus. China said it joined the global initiative to make its vaccines a global good and make them available to developing countries on a priority. "Even when China is leading the world with several vaccines in advanced stages of R&D and with ample product
  • Pregnancy complications may up stroke risk in later life
    London, October 9 (IANS): Researchers have found that pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) and pre-term birth are linked to a heightened risk of heart disease or stroke in later life. Several other factors related to fertility and pregnancy also seem to be associated with subsequent cardiovascular disease, including starting periods early, use of combined oral contraceptives, polycystic ovary syndrome, and early men
  • Wearing masks significantly reduces Covid-19 spread: Study
    Toronto, October 8 (IANS): New research adds to the growing body of evidence that wearing a mask can play a significant role in reducing the spread of Covid-19. The study from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada, have found that mask mandates are associated with a 25 per cent or larger weekly reduction in Covid-19 cases. The research also found that relaxed restrictions on businesses and gatherings (including retail, restaurants and bars) were positively associated with subse
  • Asthma patients less likely to die from virus; new test better at telling who is still infectious
    October 8 (Reuters) - The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus. Asthma patients appear less likely to die from COVID-19 Patients with asthma who become infected with the new coronavirus appear to have no higher risk of hospitalization or need for mechanical breathing assistance compared to COVID-19 patients without asthma - and the asthma p
  • Urban air pollution may make COVID-19 more deadly, says study
    Washington [US], October 8 (ANI): Researchers have found long-term exposure to urban air pollution may have made COVID-19 virus more deadly. "Both long-term and short-term exposure to air pollution has been associated with direct and indirect systemic impact on the human body by enhancing oxidative stress, acute inflammation, and respiratory infection risk," says Donghai Liang of Emory University, first co-author on the recent paper along with Liuhua Shi. In a recent st
  • 1 in 22 urban Indian women likely to develop breast cancer
    NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7 (IANS): Breast cancer is on the rise in India, with various health experts attributing it to lifestyle changes, changing reproductive preferences and hormonal imbalances in the body. As per an expert, one in 22 females in urban India is likely to develop the disease. According to WHO, there are about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps
  • Covid-19 taking heavy mental health toll on people: Study
    Sydney, October 6 (IANS): New research has added to the growing body of evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic is taking a heavy mental health toll even on people who are not directly impacted by the disease. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, found that people in countries with low rates of infection and fatalities -- like Australia at the onset of the pandemic -- still experience twice as much depression and anxiety. These outcomes are largely related to
  • How diabetes can affect your eyes
    New Delhi, October 6 (IANSlife): Glucose is an essential energy source for all living cells of the human body, which is programmed in a way wherein the glucose levels in the blood are maintained at an optimal level through various hormones. Blood glucose levels are normally referred to as blood sugar levels in our day to day life. Diabetes is a condition wherein blood glucose levels are abnormally high. Consistently high glucose levels cause damage to various organs of the human bod
  • Hospital safety: Tips for patients while visiting a hospital
    New Delhi, October 6 (IANSlife): The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip India, however the lockdown restrictions have been gradually eased up. In the past few months, patients chose to delay non-critical and elective surgeries due to the fear of infection, leaving plenty of lives in peril. As healthcare front liners continue to battle the pandemic, hospitals are well equipped to tackle a host of other health concerns to deliver high-acuity care. From OPD's to full-fledged hospi
  • CDC revises guidance, says COVID-19 can spread through virus lingering in air
    October 6 (Reuters) - U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said COVID-19 can spread through virus lingering in the air, sometimes for hours, acknowledging concerns widely voiced by public health experts about airborne transmission of the virus. The CDC guidance comes weeks after the agency published – and then took down – a similar warning, sparking debate over how the virus spreads. In Monday's guidance, CDC said there was evidence that
  • One in 10 may have caught COVID, as world heads into 'difficult period' - WHO
    GENEVA, October 5 (Reuters) - Roughly one in 10 people may have been infected with the coronavirus, leaving the vast majority of the world's population vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease it causes, the World Health Organization said on Monday. Mike Ryan, the WHO's top emergency expert, was addressing the agency's Executive Board, where the United States made a thinly veiled swipe at China for what it called a "failure" to provide accurate and timely information
  • Dozens of mammals could be susceptible to Covid virus
    London, October 5 (IANS): About 26 animals that come in regular contact with people may be vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, says a study. The researchers found that most birds, fish, and reptiles do not appear to be at risk of infection, but the majority of the mammals they reviewed could potentially be infected. They predict possible infection in domestic cats, dogs, mink, lions, and tigers, all of which have had reported cases, as well as ferrets and ma
  • Daily almond intake cost-effective way to prevent cardiovascular disease
    New Delhi, October 4 (IANSlife): According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is the number one cause of deaths across the globe, and in India. CVD is also a costly disease to treat and can cause a huge economic burden on the patient, and his/her family. For India in particular, CVD has become a severe cause of concern, owing to the disease's accelerated buildup, early age of onset in the population and the high case fatality rate. Some factors that
  • High Covid deaths among docs due to poor doctor-patient ratio, inadequate PPE
    New Delhi, October 3 (IANS): Lack of adequate PPE kits, inadequate technique of PPE donning and doffing, non-disclosure by patients of their exposure to possible Covid-19 infection, excessive working hours, and poor doctor-patient ratio are the reasons for higher fatality among doctors, according to an analysis. India currently has the most number of Covid-19 cases in the world after the US. The pandemic has also caused high mortality, not only in patients, but also in the healthcar
  • COVID-19 vaccine roll-out expected in less than 3 months in UK - The Times
    October 3 (Reuters) - A mass roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine in Britain could be finished in as little as three months, the Times reported, citing government scientists. Scientists working on the Oxford vaccine hope regulators approve it before the beginning of 2021, the newspaper said. A full COVID-19 immunization programme, which would exclude children, could be quicker than experts predicted, the Times said, adding that health officials estimate that every adult could receive a
  • Covid-19 vaccine rollout unlikely before fall 2021: Study
    Toronto, October 2 (IANS): Experts working in the field of vaccine development tend to believe that an effective vaccine is not likely to be available for the general public before the fall of 2021. In a study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the research team conducted a recent survey of 28 experts working in vaccinology. The survey was carried out in late June 2020. "Experts in our survey offered forecasts on vaccine development that were generally l
  • Drinking coffee before breakfast may up diabetes risk: Study
    London, October 2 (IANS): If you're taking coffee before breakfast, read this carefully. Researchers have found that drinking coffee first thing can have a negative effect on blood sugar control -- a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. For the study, published in the journal British Journal of Nutrition, the research team looked at the effect of broken sleep and morning coffee across a range of different metabolic markers. "The results show that whilst one night
  • Breastfeeding in Covid-positive mothers
    New Delhi, October 1 (IANSlife): The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posed numerous challenges to people across the globe. As people are still trying to come to terms with co-existing with the virus, expecting mothers and parents have various questions around breastfeeding and the safety precautions that new mothers need to keep in mind while feeding their newborn babies. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most infants, and it provides protection against many illnesses. I
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine appears safe, shows signs of working in older adults - study
    CHICAGO, September 30 (Reuters) - Results from an early safety study of Moderna Inc's coronavirus vaccine candidate in older adults showed that it produced virus-neutralizing antibodies at levels similar to those seen in younger adults, with side effects roughly on par with high-dose flu shots, researchers said on Tuesday. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, offers a more complete picture of the vaccine's safety in older adults, a group at increased
  • Covid-19 is challenge to mental health: Sri Sri
    Agra, Septenber 30 (IANS): The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis with far-reaching social and economic repercussions and one of the biggest challenges this crisis has brought is of mental health, said Art of Living founder and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sri Sri was addressing the inaugural function of the two-day international webinar on 'Role of Faith in Facing Personal and Collective Crises: What Religion Can Offer to the Post-COVID World' orga