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  • Curious Kids: why do babies cry when they come out of their mum?
    Shutterstock Hannah Dahlen, Western Sydney University Why do babies always cry when they come out of their mum? – Nam, 12, Hanoi, Vietnam When babies are born, they all seem to cry. W
  • QUIZ NO 371
    1. Where is the first Naga Traditional Cuisine Lab located?  a. Kohima Science College (Autonomous) b. Dimapur Government College  c. Japfü Christian College d. Patkai Christian Colle
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Business Development (Sales) at Naarg Data Media Services Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 5,000/Month Skill(s) required – Business Research, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, E
  • What is the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)?
    India is no doubt a secular country with people from numerous cultures, communities, linguistic multitude, numerous ethnic groups, with so many religions and religious wings carrying their own exclusive and uni
  • Weekly Internship list
    1. Career Counselling at Ostello India Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 2,000-5,000/Month Skill(s) required – Content Writing, English Proficiency (Spoken), English Proficiency (Writ
  • Curious Kids: what comes after space?
    Stock-Asso/Shutterstock Maggie Lieu, University of Nottingham What is after space? – Pip, aged four, North Yorkshire, UK When we look up at a clear night sky, we see space: a vast, seemingly
  • Smartphones Vs Students
    Smartphones are a highly valuable device which facilitates communication between colleagues, friends, and family members. However, like all the technology that has come before, it has its own advantages and dis
  • QUIZ NO 370
    1. In which year the Dimapur Railway Station was inaugurated?  a. 1902             b. 1903 c. 1904           &n
  • What happens if someone dies in space?
    An artist’s depiction of two astronauts on Mars. cokada/E+ via Getty Images Emmanuel Urquieta, Baylor College of Medicine   Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you
  • Substance Abuse: The Unspoken Challenge
    Substance abuse has become a common phenomenon in the world and has invaded the human society as one of the greatest social damages. Substance abuse is the excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as tobacco,
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Video Editing at Digital Screw Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 5,000-8,000/Month Skill(s) required – Adobe After Effects, Video Editing Link – De
  • Scholarship Roundup
    Scholarship Name 1: INSPIRE Awards MANAK Scheme 2023-24 Description: INSPIRE Awards MANAK Scheme 2023-24 is an opportunity offered to s
  • QUIZ NO 369
    1. Which district in Nagaland has launched 'Operation Good Samaritan', a mass campaign against drug abuse by involving community participation? a. Longleng         b.
  • Curious Kids: How do satellites get back to Earth?
    Without satellites, modern technologies such mobiles phones and GPS would not exist. Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC BY-SA Alice Gorman, Flinders University This is an article from Curious
  • The Complexities of Social Change: Why Entrepreneurship Alone Falls Short in Nagaland
    "To tackle complex social issues, we must go beyond entrepreneurship and embrace a comprehensive approach."  - Malala Yousafzai Entrepreneurship has often been hailed as a powerful tool for s
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Fundraising at Scope For Change Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 1,000/Month Skill(s) required – Students with relevant skills and interests can apply Link –
  • QUIZ NO 368
    1. How many railway stations including Dimapur under the Northeast Frontier Railway have been identified under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme so far?  a. 34         &
  • Curious Kids: can our brains sense electromagnetic waves? Damian Cruse, University of Birmingham Can our brains sense electromagnetic waves? – Taye, aged 10, London Electromagnetic waves are packets of energy travell
  • QUIZ NO 367
    1. The Governor of Nagaland La Ganesan, on July 13, released a special postal cover on: a. Naga Back Basket      b. Naga Necklace c. Naga Shawl         
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Quality Analyst at Ladder Media Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 10,000/Month Skill(s) required – English Proficiency (Spoken & Written) Link –