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  • Body shaming: Eating disorder and social acceptance of body shaming in Nagaland
    Everyone understands the fear or rather annoyance of attending family events and the snarky remarks of aunties you have never seen before either telling you to eat more because you look like the wind could carr
  • Curious Kids: why do babies cry when they come out of their mum?
    Shutterstock Hannah Dahlen, Western Sydney University Why do babies always cry when they come out of their mum? – Nam, 12, Hanoi, Vietnam When babies are born, they all seem to cry. W
  • QUIZ NO 371
    1. Where is the first Naga Traditional Cuisine Lab located?  a. Kohima Science College (Autonomous) b. Dimapur Government College  c. Japfü Christian College d. Patkai Christian Colle
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Business Development (Sales) at Naarg Data Media Services Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 5,000/Month Skill(s) required – Business Research, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, E
  • What is the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)?
    India is no doubt a secular country with people from numerous cultures, communities, linguistic multitude, numerous ethnic groups, with so many religions and religious wings carrying their own exclusive and uni
  • Weekly Internship list
    1. Career Counselling at Ostello India Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 2,000-5,000/Month Skill(s) required – Content Writing, English Proficiency (Spoken), English Proficiency (Writ
  • Curious Kids: what comes after space?
    Stock-Asso/Shutterstock Maggie Lieu, University of Nottingham What is after space? – Pip, aged four, North Yorkshire, UK When we look up at a clear night sky, we see space: a vast, seemingly
  • Smartphones Vs Students
    Smartphones are a highly valuable device which facilitates communication between colleagues, friends, and family members. However, like all the technology that has come before, it has its own advantages and dis
  • QUIZ NO 370
    1. In which year the Dimapur Railway Station was inaugurated?  a. 1902             b. 1903 c. 1904           &n
  • What happens if someone dies in space?
    An artist’s depiction of two astronauts on Mars. cokada/E+ via Getty Images Emmanuel Urquieta, Baylor College of Medicine   Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you
  • Substance Abuse: The Unspoken Challenge
    Substance abuse has become a common phenomenon in the world and has invaded the human society as one of the greatest social damages. Substance abuse is the excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as tobacco,
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Video Editing at Digital Screw Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 5,000-8,000/Month Skill(s) required – Adobe After Effects, Video Editing Link – De
  • Scholarship Roundup
    Scholarship Name 1: INSPIRE Awards MANAK Scheme 2023-24 Description: INSPIRE Awards MANAK Scheme 2023-24 is an opportunity offered to s
  • QUIZ NO 369
    1. Which district in Nagaland has launched 'Operation Good Samaritan', a mass campaign against drug abuse by involving community participation? a. Longleng         b.
  • Curious Kids: How do satellites get back to Earth?
    Without satellites, modern technologies such mobiles phones and GPS would not exist. Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, CC BY-SA Alice Gorman, Flinders University This is an article from Curious
  • The Complexities of Social Change: Why Entrepreneurship Alone Falls Short in Nagaland
    "To tackle complex social issues, we must go beyond entrepreneurship and embrace a comprehensive approach."  - Malala Yousafzai Entrepreneurship has often been hailed as a powerful tool for s
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Fundraising at Scope For Change Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹ 1,000/Month Skill(s) required – Students with relevant skills and interests can apply Link –
  • QUIZ NO 368
    1. How many railway stations including Dimapur under the Northeast Frontier Railway have been identified under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme so far?  a. 34         &
  • Curious Kids: can our brains sense electromagnetic waves? Damian Cruse, University of Birmingham Can our brains sense electromagnetic waves? – Taye, aged 10, London Electromagnetic waves are packets of energy travell
  • QUIZ NO 367
    1. The Governor of Nagaland La Ganesan, on July 13, released a special postal cover on: a. Naga Back Basket      b. Naga Necklace c. Naga Shawl