• KYF not satisfied with NSCN-IM explanation
    Newmai News NetworkImphal | September 8Even as the NSCN (IM) had made a clarification regarding the killing of 10 KLA cadres on September 3 at T.Hundung village, it has invited more irks among the Kuki society
  • Ibobi counters Rio to ban affiliation
    Newmai News NetworkImphal | September 16Close on the heels of the reported moves of Nagaland government in enacting a legislation allowing affiliation of schools from outside Nagaland to Nagaland Board of Secon
  • UNC defends Naga integration call
    Newmai News NetworkSenapati | August 31“Nagalim is not the gift of any Maharajah or of any colonialist power, but God’s gift to the Nagas. Land and people to the Nagas are inseparable. We have every right t
  • MPP see “threat” in Naga MPs memo
    Newmai News NetworkImphal | August 16Strongly opposing the move of the United Naga council (UNC) backed six MLAs and the Manipur Outer Lok Sabha MP in the recent times, the Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) today dem
  • MPP objects Naga MLAs memorandum of Naga integration
    Newmai News NetworkImphal | August 16Strongly opposing the move of the United Naga council (UNC) backed six MLAs and the Manipur Outer Lok Sabha MP in the recent time, the Manipur Peoples Party (MPP) today dema
  • ANSAM to resist assimilation
    Dimapur, July 17 (MExN): The All Naga Students Association of Manipur (ANSAM) has reminded the people of Manipur that just as much the Meiteis campaigns for identity and dignity, so the same space should be giv
  • School arson reflective of bigger problem – ANSAM
    Dimapur, July 5 (MExN): The razing of government high schools in the hill districts of Manipur does not come as a surprise as it was bound to happen. Stating that indignation and discontentment had been buildin
  • IRB creating ‘terror’ in Moreh
    Dimapur, June 30 (MExN): Hardly has the normality been restored in the border town of Moreh, where several innocent people were gunned down on June 9 by two proscribed outfits and now it is the turn of the Indi
  • KNO alleges Ibobi-UNLF nexus for Meitei Ethos
    Dimapur, June 26 (MExN): The Kuki National Organisation strongly alleged a nexus between Manipur Chief Minister and the UNLF to promote ‘Meitei-centric ethos’ in Manipur by marganilising the indigenous Kuki
  • Moreh demand border fencing, more AR forces
    Dimapur, June 20 (MExN): Three influential civil bodies of Moreh town submitted a memorandum to Member of Parliament from Outer Manipur, Mani Charanamei, about the plight of the people of Moreh at the hands of
  • Northeast: Gateway to SE Asia
    Dimapur, June 16 (MExN): During an interactive session in Shillong today, the Minister for External Affairs, Pranab Mukerjee said that the Northeast region is the gateway to East and Southeast Asia. The ministe
  • UNLF trying to occupy Kuki lands through guile: KSO
    Dimapur, June 15 (MExN): The Kuki National organisation (KSO) strongly alleged that the UNLF’s intrusive presence in Kuki territory is the main source of trouble and added that the UNLF is apparently trying t
  • Senapati demands the right to know
    DIMAPUR, JUNE 12 (MExN): Patience is running thin in the hills of Senapati. Six months have elapsed since Muheni Martin and Hriini Hubert, 10-year-olds, were first kidnapped. Their bodies, reduced to skeletons,
  • KNO puts the blame on UNLF for Moreh’s troubles and unrest
    Dimapur, June 12 (MExN): The Kuki National Organisation (KNO) today narrated its version on the whole sequence that led to the turmoil and conflict in Moreh and put the blame on the UNLF for creating all the ki
  • Ethnic tension grips Moreh; peace mission today
    DIMAPUR, JUNE 10 (MExN): In the backdrop of the community clashes in Moreh and the tension thereof, various organizations of Manipur sat for a meeting at the residence of MLA Deven today. The president of the K
  • UNC cautions Naga representation in Great June Uprising
    Newmai News NetworkImphal | June 9Ahead of the Great June Uprising against the extension of NSCN (IM)-GOI ceasefire in Manipur, the United Naga Council (UNC) today cautioned anyone who tries to represent the Na
  • Bangaledeshi might become Assam CM: Forum
    Dimapur, April 11 (MExN): The Janajati Faith and Culture Protection Forum expressed its fear that the future Chief Minister of Assam might be an illegal migrant from Bangladesh if the present illegal migrant in
  • Kuki bodies comes out with truth about abuction
    Dimapur, March 30 (MExN): Three Kuki civil societies on March 30 came out with the ‘truth’ about the  abduction of over 400 innocent Kukis by the UNLF , and straightforwardly came out with the sufferin
  • Delhi announces North East Industrial and Investment Policy
    DIMAPUR, MARCH 29 (MExN): The Centre today announced the “North East Industrial and investment Promotion Policy (NEIIPP), 2007” containing an extensive package of fiscal incentives and other concessions for
  • Assam and Nagaland most violence-prone in NE
    NEW DELHI, March 24 (Agencies): Claiming that the overall violence level in the North-east has been contained, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has claimed that civilian casualties has gone down to 21.3 perce