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  • GPRN: Stop slavery upon Nagas Khaplang
    Taking note of the “need of the hour” to forge out a solution to the Naga imbroglio there seems to be in urgent need to look into the problems faced by the Nagas in Myanmar.  With the wind of transform
  • To Holy Land Tourists of Naga Council Members
    Dear Fellows,It appears you are uttering some unholy words on me after your Holy Land visit. You have given me the Honorable title of an ‘Advocate’, of course of the ‘Devil’; you accused me of stealing
  • Naga Independence Day Message
    The different Independence Day speeches/messages to the Nagas by different political groups tend to make one wonder if a clear and careful analysis could be done and one consolidated message could be brought ou
  • My Nagaland
    Vibi Yhokha, NPMHR (“The single story creates stereotypes and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete, they make one story become the onl
  • Shared sovereignty the key to an honorable solution?
    Fifteen years of deadly silence the peace talks between India and Nagaland which created rumors, predictions, interpretations led to utter confusion.With the hope of a lasting solution to the 6 decades long con
  • Dimapur Municipal Council clarifies on statement of Ex-Advisors
    In response to the item as appeared in the local dailies dtd. 29th August 2012 under the caption “ DMC Affairs back to square one, Ex-Advisors”. The DMC clarifies that:The DMC Advisory Board had appointed S
  • Thepfulhouvi: Fresh Air or Bad Conscience writer
    What really is Thepfulhouvi Solo? A Breath of fresh air? An iconoclast? Writer, thinker or just a retiree enjoying his time at the expense of others? As much as we wish, he cannot be called a writer in the true
  • NNC Member on Naga Shisha Hoho statement
    God, the Creator of the Universe created all. All of His creations are relative, pure and perfect. But Lucifer, the Satan defiled and sowed the seeds of enmity among the people and nations in the world. In this
  • ‘Mission Pothole And The Naga Blog’
    Mann Vam DeSainik School Punglwa Is not Right to Freedom of speech a fundamental right for a student of 17 years? If not then, 'Is the fundamental right only for elders? On my previous article MISSION POTH
  • The Value and Preservation of our Naga Heritage
    KehecigwangleThe Nagas are a conglomerate of different tribes inhabiting the North-Eastern part of India. The tribes have similar cultures and traditions, and form the majority ethnic group in the state of Naga
  • Final diagnosis on recent Advocacy Meet under Dimapur-I constituency
    The prestigious office of the Legislators’ Forum on AIDS, Nagaland situated within the complex of Nagaland Legislative Assembly carefully analysed the views and opinions of NNP+ and Kripa Foundation in respon
  • Response to former advisors’ statement
    In response to a statement of former advisors of Dimapur Municipal Council that appeared in local dailies on August 29, I as a concerned citizen would like to share my point of view on the matter. To talk
  • Open letter on election of Mr. Kiumukam as President of NNC (N/A)
    Open letter on election of Mr. Kiumukam as President of NNC (N/A) in the interest of No Confidence by the NNC. The God Gifted tradition of Naga National Council which is empowered to the chosen people of Nagas
  • Ex-DMC Advisors showing resentment
    The members of the dissolved advisory Board of the Dimapur Municipal Council is constraint to make the following statement for consumption of the public as its name has been tarnished which requires to be clari
  • Naga Shisha Hoho position statement
    The Naga Shisha Hoho makes this statement to let the people know of our position:1. The Naga Shisha Hoho offers our Thanksgiving for the drastic reduction of violence between the Naga political groups. Ever sin
  • A-Z of Mission Potholes
    Yan KikonThe world has seen a wave of revolutions ranging from violent to non-violent form of demonstrations with the recent internet based uprising which swept across the Arab world, more popularly known as Th
  • Rejoinder to K James article
    Through this column, the MIP NNC Non-Accordist would like to advice the writer K James that instead of his allegations and complaints leveling against other organizations he should concentrate more on the issue
  • Tradition vs Politics
    Saying and writing anything like blasphemies, heresies, obscene words, insults etc, may be really great tradition and freedom of expression for some people who are championing for them. But for Nagas we don’t
  • Education Kilonser clarifies on ENPO and ENNWA
    This is to the doubts in people’s mind regarding the Eastern Nagaland People’s (ENPO) and eastern Naga national workers association ENNWA). When East India company came, the British administered only one fo
  • Open letter to the Govt of Nagaland
    Subject: Without agitation no work shall be done. Is this the Government’s policyLeaders,Agitation in Nagaland has become like a culture. Is this what we call development? The root cause of this agitation mus