Child Murder

Aditi Singh

“Hands may be ten or twenty.
Nobody can ever touch me!”
Today my slogan is wounded a bit.
Well, hidden secrets of the hidden world,
I heard one of it and remained no more bold.
I had heard it on news and read on articles
But this is the first time it arrowed my heart into tiny particles.
Getting blessings from someone
Who has ruined your birth,
Touching someone’s feet
Swallowing years or anger and heat. 
Today I heard a voice,
Who had experienced all these.
That wasn’t child abuse,
It was child murder!
A trembling voice with bravery but cries,
I couldn’t wipe her tears
But it tore me from inside.
But I will still say
“Hands may be ten or twenty
Nobody can ever touch me!”
I cannot feel insecure because of anyone whose whole existence is impure.

 (The author is a class 9 student of Jubilee Memorial School, Mokokchung)

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