CM Rio attributes strong community ties for ‘low’ crime rate in Nagaland

Nagaland State CM Neiphiu Rio during the launching of the CCTV installation at seven Police Stations under Kohima district on August 9. (Morung Photo)

Nagaland State CM Neiphiu Rio during the launching of the CCTV installation at seven Police Stations under Kohima district on August 9. (Morung Photo)

Seven PS in Kohima district get CCTV

Morung Express News
Kohima | August 9

Nagaland State Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today said that the State has recorded the lowest rate of crime in the country, and particularly crime against women.

The low record of crimes in the police stations could be the presence of the customary courts in the village of the state where the communities have strong ties with its traditions, culture and customary practices, he indicated launching the CCTV installation at seven Police Stations under Kohima district on August 9. 

It was informed that CCTV installation in all 83 police stations across the state will be launched on Independence Day, August 15.  

It may be mention that the installation of CCTV is being carried out following the Supreme Court’s directive for mandatory installation of CCTV cameras, for which Rs. 3.83 crore was sanctioned for Nagaland.

Substantiating his views, he said the strength of the community, clan or village takes pride that there is no crime, and even when any crime takes place, they take upon themselves to resolve.

“That is how our customary laws are effective and many things are being resolved at the village level” he added.
Congratulating the Police department on this milestone, Rio was optimistic that this will wake up the police personnel and officers who are on duty, and also bring trust in the people.

Citing reports of atrocities, false accusations, excessiveness of torture, violence under police custody in the past, he expressed hope that this will bring transparency and also act as a deterrent for police officers, and even civilians who come to the police stations.

He also reminded the uniformed personnel that while technologies have tremendously improved, likewise criminals too have upgraded their skills. Nonetheless, he hoped that things will improve both for the police and civilians.

While appreciating the police personnel for working tirelessly to maintain law and order in the state encountering all kinds of threats and dangers, Rio further reminded them ‘don’t lose control, be within the rules and strictly enforce the power you have but don’t abuse it’ adding that not even the police or the authorities can escape the rule of law.

He further pointed out accelerated growth and developments are taking place on those peaceful states or countries, while Nagaland is still struggling with the Naga political issue.  

Rio also commented that ‘though Nagas are educated, we are not yet a matured civilised society’ adding that Nagaland has become a land of ultimatums, memorandums, serving deadlines to one another.

‘We are still talking through newspapers and memorandums, when people and the government have more trust in one another, we can reason out together to make a more peaceful state so that we will also grow faster and become a developed state’ he remarked.

‘Whether we will have peace in our land and take up development or we will be left behind is a serious thing to ponder” said Rio urging that the citizens have to be law abiding citizens and respect the rule of law.

Rio appreciated the Government of India and Ministry of Home for sanctioning the amount for installation CCTVs cameras in all the 83 police stations across the state. 

Deputy Chief Minister Home & Border Affairs, Y Patton said this milestone is the department’s commitment to transparency, security and upholding of the fundamental rights of our citizens.

He maintained that the police stations now equipped with this latest technology of electronic surveillance will deter those who misuse the powers vested upon them by law and violate basic human rights.

Patton expressed hope that these means of surveillance will drastically curb the menace of custodial torture in police stations, also bring transparency to the work culture of police at the police station level and encourage ethical practices. 

While emphasising on the importance of public trust in the police force, he was optimistic that this will give a sense of security to the common public to approach the police for reporting of crimes.

He also appreciated that police personnel for their services in ensuring not only the security and peace of the neighbourhoods, but are also offering numerous essential services for public welfare, ‘a testament to their multifaceted role in our society’ he added. 

Meanwhile, the dedicatory prayer for the installation of CCTV cameras was offered by Rev Vesotsü Rhakho, Pastor PUBC while DGP, Rupin Sharma delivered the welcome address.