Nagaland: Curious COVID-19 positive-negative cases

(Image by Bao_5 from Pixabay)
(Image by Bao_5 from Pixabay)

Aoyimti case confirmed +ve; Zinyu case -ve

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 2

The suspected COVID-19 case of July 29 from Aoyimti, Dimapur, has been confirmed positive. According to official sources, the deceased victim's confirmatory RT-PCR test result returned positive but did not specify when the result came. The deceased, a woman, reported to be around 38 years of age, died in tragic circumstance, after allegedly being denied admission to a number of hospitals on July 29, for a lack of COVID-19 negative report card. According to reports, by the time her TrueNat screening tests arrived, she had died for want of oxygen support. Further, many people had reportedly got exposed by the time the TrueNat report was let known. Several households in Aoyimti went into self-imposed isolation as a result. 

Another suspected case
In another suspected COVID-19 case, a 69 year-old man from Kevijau colony died on August 1. A source informed that he was a "stroke" survivor and had a history of co-morbidity. He was also said to have visited different hospitals before turning up at the COVID-19 Hospital on the morning of August 1 for TrueNat screening or TrueNat report card for admission into a private hospital. His sample was taken for TrueNat screening. "Given his case history, it was not advisable to put him up with known positive cases at the hospital. He was sent back home, pending the TrueNat result," the source said. 

According to the source, information came that the patient died at his home later in the day. His sample was sent the same day for confirmatory test.

Zinyu Agency case returns negative
The RT-PCR test report of the Zinyu Gas Agency case returned negative. An employee of the LPG distributor died on July 25 at his home in Churches colony. He was said to have pre-existig chest and kidney ailments. Precautionary screening of his sample, by TrueNat returned positive, which was further sent for confirmatory test. 

Meanwhile, the confirmatory result of the sample of the 41 year-old man, who died at Duncan Basti on July 31, was still pending. As per official reports, he was brought dead to the Eden Medical Centre. The person's sample collected post-death turned out to be positive in the TrueNat screening.